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by Dianna Ranere

The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H.P. Lovecraft by Mike Slater Halloween Giveaway



It’s that time of the year, the time where days get shorter and the nights are longer and spooky things are all about. I was sent the Necronomnomnom to host a giveaway and I know that a lot of you also LOVE Halloween so this is the perfect item to giveaway to one lucky reader!

About the Necronomnomnom

The Necronomnomnom is a cookbook inspired by Lovecraftian stories and created by Mike Slater (co-founder of Red Duke Games LLC). Written as if it’s the fictional grimoire from Lovecraft’s stories (The Necronomicon), The Necronomnomnom’s recipes are written as if to conjure one of the Old Ones. For example, in their recipe for Cthus-koos (a seafood couscous recipe) reads, “Upon awakening, make thee a representation of the sea with the prescribed full portion of salt and water in a middling-sized pot. Boil this, and add the corn tendrils until they soften and writhe, one-twelfth hour.” In addition to this, they also provide a “rights revealed” section which translates each recipe into plain English.

Available in First Printing Grimoire Edition at www.RedDukeGames.com until 10/1/2019, and available for preorder now in Bookstore Edition – coming to stores everywhere in October 2019!



You will love this book for all of the gore-filled recipes based on Lovecraft stories, creatures, and characters. The illustrations that accompany each recipe are fantastic.  One of my favorite aspects is the way the recipes are written, old world if you will. For instance, we decided to make the Cultists in Robes ….

Aren’t they cute? We eneded up using hot dogs instead of breakfast sausages and theyt still turned out great. The book is filled with super creative recipes like The Deep Fried Deep One, Cthus-Koos, Nog Sothoth and many more.
It’s definitely a book you will want for your creepy collection and it’s perfect as a recipe guide for your next Halloween party.

Enter to win your very own copy below.

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