Seeing Stars and Heading to LA #DisneyOzEvent


Next month, I will be in the presence of some pretty well-known actors when I make the journey to LA for the OZ The Great and Powerful premiere; James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Zach Braff, Joey King and Director Sam Raimi. This made me think about all of the famous people I have met or in some cases, been propositioned by, yelled at by, and asked to hang out with. ūüôā

Nancy Kulp РYou may know her better as Miss Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies. It was 1984, I was 13 when my Mom and I were shopping on the Avenue here in Baltimore and we spotted her. I was star-struck since I had never seen anyone from TV up close before, but she was super nice and gave us her campaign button, since she was campaigning for a spot in Congress.

Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins – Jump forward about 5 years, I was out with a few friends at a club one night, and on the way home to my friend’s apartment we spotted a movie set. It was literally right behind my friend’s apartment, taking place in the parking lot. We stopped to watch and see who was in the movie and to our surprise we heard “Hey guys, where you coming from this late?” The director yelled cut, we looked up and who was coming toward us?? KEVIN BACON! I think we were in shock because we all just stood there staring in disbelief.

He was filming the movie He Said, She Said with Elizabeth Perkins, who bolted to her trailer when she heard cut and didn’t come over to us at all. Kevin, on the other hand, was super friendly and said he wished he could come hang out. Can you imagine?

Mario Lopez – A few years later, I was in another club (I went to a lot of clubs back then), and in walks Mario Lopez with a huge¬†bodyguard. I knew who he was since he was fresh off his Saved By The Bell run, but most people had no clue. Long story short, I was asked by the bodyguard if I wanted to join Mr. Lopez back in his hotel room, which I politely said “no thanks,” they left shortly after that. Weirdness!

Loretta Swit – I was working as a Hotel front desk clerk and Ms. Swit was staying with us while performing in a play across the street at the Lyric¬†Theater.¬†Unbeknownst¬†to me, we were not allowed to call the bedroom side of her suite, so when I did, boy did I get an¬†earful!! Then she came down to the front desk and yelled some more about people spelling her name with two t’s instead of one. I have never forgotten how she was, and to this day when I watch M*A*S*H I still think about it.

Stacy Keach – Mr. Keach was in the same play as Ms. Swit, and was the complete opposite, he was so friendly and even signed an autograph for me to give to my parents who loved him.

Slash – I didn’t actually meet him, but he was staying at the same Hotel as above and I got to ogle him from the Front Desk one day while he was hanging out in the lobby.

Pink – I took my Mom to Atlantic City one summer and we were walking down the boardwalk when I noticed this girl in a half shirt walking towards us, I thought she was a little¬†under-dressed¬†for the boardwalk and was trying to get a good look at her. As we got shoulder to shoulder, I saw that it was PINK, and I think I actually said aloud “PINK!” She smiled and nodded her head at me and made my day.


I can’t wait to meet the Oz The Great and Powerful stars next month, and to share my experience with all of you. Be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter by following the hashtag #DisneyOzEvent

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