SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch Prize Pack – 5 Winners!



New to stores is the  Salonpas® Pain Relief Patch LARGE in a new double size value pack that includes nine large patches.  If you read my blog then you know what I love Salonpas products and use them all the time. Just recently I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, one that would normally require pain medication. I hate taking pills of any kind so I rely on products like those in the Salonpas lineup.


Salonpas is the only OTC topical pain reliever that is FDA-approved. Clinical trials demonstrated that the Salonpas® Pain Relief Patch works up to 12 hours on mild to tougher moderate pain,” said award-winning journalist Dr. Bob Arnot, M.D., internal medicine, who is the author of twelve books on nutrition and health, and previously Chief Medical Correspondent for NBC and CBS News.


The new Salonpas Pain Relief Patch LARGE is now big enough to cover any back pain that you may experience. They are also big enough to put other large areas of your body like your flank or thigh and they can deliver relief for up to 12 hours.







Win a Salonpas Pain Relief Patch Prize Pack
There will be 5 winners, each winner will receive 2 boxes each of the product for a total of 18 patches total.


About Hisamitsu America:
Hisamitsu America is the US division of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., founded in 1847, which has specialized in transdermal drug delivery system technology since the introduction of its Salonpas line of patches in 1934. The SALONPAS® product line, which gained early acceptance in Asia and now sells in over 30 countries, has pioneered the development of transdermal patches to relieve everyday aches and pains. Today, the Salonpas Pain Relief Patch LARGE is the first and only FDA-approved pain reliever labeled to relieve mild to tougher, moderate pain. For more information, visit




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192 thoughts on “SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch Prize Pack – 5 Winners!

  1. I have tried Salonpas Pain Relief Patches before for my tennis elbow. I do feel they are effective and I like the scent.

    1. I Love Salonpas it relieves pain quickly,i always try to keep in on hand as the whole family uses it.

  2. After I gave birth to my kids, I started having back pain. I have used salonpas and they work. Thank you for the chance.

  3. I have an arthritic spine, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and had ovarian cancer (metastasized) with surgery, chemo and radiation. Throughout all this I’ve used Salonpas as my “go to”. It’s the first thing I think of when I’m in pain and don’t go anywhere without them. I also tell everyone about Salonpas…even my physical therapist says shell try them !!!

  4. My sister turned me onto these great pain relievers. Yes, I have tried them. They have gotten me through some very sore muscles!

  5. I’ve never used them before but my Dad and sister uses Salonpas patches for their aching back and they said it works like a charm!.

  6. YES I am a big fan of SALONPAS my favorite it JET SPRAY.

    Jet reaches all the spots on my back and shoulders that I cannot reach!

  7. I use them all the time and just love them. My husband even loves them on his back, because his arthritis is so bad. They have become a staple in my household. Sometimes even better than using a pain med! They work that good! I use them on my shoulders, neck and back couldn’t love anything better, thanks Salonpas!!

  8. I’ve been using the patches for about 5 years now, and recommend them to others for fast, effective and safe pain relief!

  9. I have never tried them. I would love for my parents to try. They are getting older and have a few aches and pains.

  10. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve heard they are amazing. My back and shoulders would love some I think 😜

  11. I have not tried Salonpas patches yet, going to get some today for my son, he has chronic back pain, hoping these will help.

  12. Yes I have and they are the most amazing pain relief product you can buy! Easy to use and comes in so many varieties there is something to fit everyones needs

  13. I have not tried these patches yet. They sound like they would work great for my pain and best part is no pills.

  14. Yes I’ve tried them but not for my bad back. I would like to try for my back and see if that helps.

  15. i would love to try your product; i have such bad back pain and cant find anything that helps!

  16. yes, I have!! they’re really good and very effective!! give me the relief from that throbbing pain!

  17. I have tried them before and love them. They really do ease the pain in my lower back most of the time.

  18. i have tried the patches before. my only problem is that they don’t stay put on my knee where i have arthritis. but they do work wonders then i can get them to stay where i want them

  19. I think these would work amazing after a long day at work as a medical assistant always on my feet moving kills my lower back.

  20. I have never tried Salonpas but I deal with back pain a lot!! Looking for something new with bigger coverage! This looks perfect

  21. Recently diagnosed with Costochondritis, which can be chronic,very painful. Would love to win this!

  22. Salonpas is very effective in helping me cope with painful arthritis pain by providing lasting relief when applied to the area thats bothering me. Very excited that larger size patches are being introduced.

  23. I have never tried these before but I have recently started experiencing lower back pain and would love to try these!

  24. Hi Di, hope your doing good. I haven’t tried the Salonpas pain relief patches yet but I’ve heard they are very effective to help ease pain. I could have used them last summer when I tore my meniscus
    muscle in my knee. This senior citizen age is not fun for aches and pains. Great post and good to visit you again at your lovely blog spot. Take care ~Julie

  25. No, I haven’t tried them before.. but I would absolutely love to, because I desperately need some type of relief for my back pain, and I hate taking too many NSAIDs/Tylenol !

  26. I’ve actually never tried this brand patch. But it would sure be nice to try. I’m ALWAYS standing with my job and the concrete just kills my legs, feet and back.

  27. I have tried the Salonpas Pain relief patches and I really liked them. My grandma uses them on a daily basis and I’d love to win for her!

  28. I love Salonpas! I use them all the time. I want to win because I need some and they are kind of costly.

  29. I have used Salonpas and love them. I used them for those everyday aches and pains from working around the ranch.

  30. My husband uses them for his back and shoulders. They have helped him so much they work wonders.

  31. I have tried the Salonpas patches before when I pulled a muscle in my back and they were wonderful for pain relief! Easy to use and so effective!

  32. I am so glad that they now have larger patches. Sometimes you just need a bigger patch, especially when you have a larger pain area.

  33. I haven’t tried these yet but I’ve heard excellent things. Looking forward to trying these for my back

  34. I haven’t tried it before but would like to. I have read online reviews and they are very positive. They sound very effective.

  35. Yes! I have tried Salonpas Pain Relief Patches on my stiff, sore shoulders! They work great! I recommend them highly! If I win I will share some of the patches with friends and family!

  36. Yes, I have used Salonpas patches for my knees and shoulders. They work great and I prefer these patches instead of taking medicine that irritates my stomach.

  37. Yes I have tried Salanpas products before. I think they are wonderful! They can help alleviate pain quite well for as small as the patch is, I am glad to have discovered them.

  38. these are as good as the doctor send me, i use them for pain in my back,legs ,arms,been using for two years now.

  39. I’m bone on nerve in my spin (found this out after having an MRI), oddly enough – I only feel pain when I’m not moving/working. So, this would help at night after I get done with work. Here’s hoping they don’t have to slice open my back.

  40. No, I have never tried these patches before, but by reading these comments, I should really give them a try.

  41. I commented but don’t know where it went, I don’t see it here, but I would love to try these as I have arthritis popping up everywhere!

  42. My wife and my mother-in-law have used Salonpas many times. And they are fussy about which products they use.

  43. I use Salonpas and so does my mother, sadly she gifted me with early stage arthritis (thanks mom!) and the patches are a real relief to me, especially at night when my back and knee really get sore and stiff.

  44. I have not tried SalonPas, I would use it on my mother who has constant pain. We try anything to help.

  45. I suffer from lower back pain but haven’t tried these yet. Would love to give them a try!

  46. Yes, I’ve tried these and I absolutely love them! They are so effective and long lasting.

  47. Yes, I tried it after I hurt my back at the gym doing heavy squats. For several months I went to get therapy/chiropractor but nothing worked, until I tried Salonpas back patch. Boy it works.

  48. love Salonpas for work! I have a very physical job and it I sometimes need the pain to go away quick. These help so much.

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