September 23, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Review | Secret Headquarters – Streaming on Paramount+ August 12

I had the opportunity to watch the new movie coming to Paramount+ on August 12th. Secret Headquarters stars Owen Wilson, and Walker Scobell and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The movie starts with the Kincaid family spending an evening camping until something crashes out of the sky and lands not too far from their campground. Charlie (Walker Scobell), and his Mom (Jessie Mueller) watch helpless as Dad (Owen Wilson) drives off to investigate. This is where Dad encounters a military man played by Jesse Williams and witnesses for himself what actually crashed.

After this encounter, we flash forward to Mom and Dad being divorced and Charlie, now a teenager, resenting his Dad for working too much.

After a visit with Dad at his house, Dad gets called away to work, as usual, this is when Charlie lies about his Mom coming to pick him up and decided to call his friends and have a “rager” at the house instead. His best friend Berger (Keith L. Williams), comes over but not alone, he brings a girl he is interested in, Lizzie ( Abby James Witherspoon), and Maya (Momona Tamada) a girl that Charlie has a history with.

While hanging out they stumble upon a secret lair in the basement of the home that houses all kinds of superhero gadgets that they of course have to try out and eventually use to their advantage in school. By using these gadgets it alerts a group of villains, who just happens to include the military man that Dad met at the beginning of the film.

So without ruining it, the villains go to the home to reclaim what is theirs. The kids fight hard to try to protect what they found at the Secret Headquarters and the secret they uncovered.

This is a fun film with lots of action, adventure, and humor. It’s definitely a family-friendly Superhero movie geared toward young kids.

Watch Secret Headquarters on Paramount+ on Friday, August 12th.