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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | ökocat Natural Cat Litter

This is a sponsored conversation with Healthy Pet. 



We are a household with four cats, and with four cats comes lots of litter, lots and lots. It also comes with the worry that my litter may not be doing its job as far as odor control is concerned. I host the holidays here in my home, so I really need litter that will make my guests question that I even have cats, let alone four of them.


I was asked to give ökocat Natural Cat Litter from Healthy Pet a try, and because I was intrigued when reading more about the brand and the products, I said sure!

What does öko mean?

It’s German for “eco” or ecological, meaning green or organic. ökocat litter is made from 100% reclaimed wood.


It’s Natural – It is made from reclaimed wood, and is a blend of spruce, fir and pine. I love this because who knows what chemicals are lurking in the regular litter.

Absorbs 500% – The attributed of this litter are pretty amazing. First, this litter absorbs 500%, so your litter stays drier longer. If you use regular litter, you notice just how wet it can get, and wet to me means more odor. ökocat is true to its claim, the litter definitely stays drier than my former litter. It also lasts much, much longer than regular so it ends up saving you money in the long run. 

Biodegradable/Flushable – Next, ökocat is biodegradable and flushable, although I would never flush litter for any reason, especially with the amount of litter we have. If this is something you do or would like the option to do, it is possible with this litter. 

7 Day Odor Control – Now, let’s get to the main reason most of us hope our litter does for us, controls odor. I can honestly say after trying this litter for two weeks that it definitely controls the smell. Adding the fourth kitty into the mix before getting this litter we could definitely smell the addition and I was frantic trying to stop the odor. ökocat smells like wood, seriously, or like my son says every time he scoops, like the local hardware store (wood). It really does. I am not a fan of cleaning the box but after he said that I had to see for myself and he isn’t kidding. 

Naturally Lightweight – This is definitely true, from the weight of the box to the weight of the refuse you scoop out. It’s super light and litter itself is very soft so it feels better on your kitties feet. I have an old man kitty that is very picky about what he steps in and on and he took right to this litter with no problem and so did the kitten, he jumped in and just started digging, didn’t do his business, just dug all around as if he were testing it out.

Dust Free – One of the worst things about changing litter is the dust that kicks up into your face and into the air and all over. ökocat doesn’t have any dust at all, it goes in easily and you don’t choke on the dust! 



My only con is that it can be messy in front of the box. Since the litter is small and soft I feel like they kick it out of the box, especially my little digger. If you don’t have cats that kick or dig you will be good to go with this litter. I do have a mat and that helps some, BUT I honestly do not care in the least because of the odor control, and it is super absorbable and lightweight.


ökocat comes in the following types: 

ökocat Natural Pine Non-Clumping Cat Litter is free from chemicals, dyes and other synthetics with soft cracked pine pellets.


Soft cracked wood pellets offer amazing absorption, 7 day odor control and are naturally lightweight.


ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter for Long Hair Breeds comes in a pellet designed to keep litter in the box and not stuck in your cat’s fur.



ökocat Natural Dust Free non-clumping cat litter offers superior odor control made from 100% natural paper.



ökocat featherweight naturally lightweight clumping wood litter is a fine texture similar to clay.


ökocat super soft clumping wood cat litter is an incredibly lightweight, fine texture granule with a softer feel for delicate paws.

You can find ökocat Natural Cat Litter at your local Petsmart, Petco, Target and more. Just check out where to find them on the site and try some out today! 


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