September 22, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Protectors of Wakanda: A History and Training Manual of The Dora Milaje by Karama Horne

Protectors of Wakanda: A History and Training Manual of The Dora Milaje by Karama Horne is the ultimate book for fans of Marvel’s Black Panther.

In this exclusive, in-world manual, you’ll step inside this elite society of women warriors and discover what it’s like to train as a member of the Dora Milaje. Recruited from across all tribes, the selected initiates undergo intense training, both physical and mental.

You will learn the tradition and history of Wakanda, as well as the history of the Dora Milaje along with other important history and origin information. In each chapter, you will delve into what it takes to be Protectors of Wakanda – honor, strength, courage, and compassion.

Lastly, you will become part of the Dora Milaje initiation trials where you will see the evaluation process, the assignments, and what life is like as a Dora Milaje.

This book is gorgeous, from the beautiful orange and gold cover to the beautiful illustrations inside the book. It is the perfect gift for the Black Panther fan and for those who want to delve further into the history of Wakanda. The book comes out September 20th on Amazon and wherever else books are sold.

Published September 20, 2022, by Epic Ink

Hardcover, 160 pages, 100+ illustrations

$22.99 US, $29.99 CAN

ISBN: 9780760375808


Author Karama Horne is a New York–based producer, podcaster, culture journalist, speaker, and content creator parked at the intersection of geekdom and diversity. She is a freelance host, producer, and writer for various programs at SYFYWIRE including “SYFYWIRE Blast” daily news show, New York Comic Con, and San Diego Comic Con live convention coverage as well as the “Who Won the Week,” “Days of Marvel,” and “Revisiting Apollo 11” podcasts. Karama also has bylines at NERDIST and Rotten Tomatoes where she has served as an on-camera host and livestream guest. In addition, Karama has hosted projects for Nickelodeon, AMC+, Funimation, Skybound, Thought Bubble, and Rooster Teeth.  Karama is also the founder of THEBLERDGURL™ website where she regularly highlights creators of color in genre entertainment. You can listen to Karama’s interviews every week on THEBLERDGURL™ LIVE on Twitch, THEBLERDGURL™ Podcast, or follow her across social media @theblerdgurl.