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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Power AirFryer XL Review

Power Air Fryer XL 12

FSM Media was provided with the product in this post to review and offer an honest opinion.


Over the past couple of years we have had a number of air fryers, our kids, two teenagers, love them and then kill them through overuse. We received the Power AirFryer XL to try out and we put it to the test!Power Air Fryer XL 7
 The other fryers had dials you had to turn for temperature and cooking, almost like those old fashioned timers you may have in your kitchen. Over time those dials seem to get stuck and not work as well. The Power AirFryer XL offers a digital easy one-touch panel which we love. This fryer is available in two sizes, 3.4 quart and 5.3 quarts. They also come in two colors, black or a cherry red. We received a black 3/4 quart which is the perfect size for us.


Power Air Fryer XL 9
Power Air Fryer XL 8


The Power AirFryer XL comes with the copper fryer insert, a divider so you can separate foods while cooking, a recipe booklet, as well as an instructional booklet.

Features include:  

  • Digital Easy One-Touch Panel
    one-touch settings make cooking with the Power
    Air Fryer a breeze
  • Oil Less Fryer Uses No or Less Oil
    cook healthier with less added fat
  • Cooks Up To 400°
    fry and cook almost anything with your hot air fryer
  • Dishwasher Safe
    easy quick cleanup


Power Air Fryer XL


The controls on the top are fantastic and easy to use. Right in the middle is a power button, just below that is the function button that, when pressed, allows you to choose the various preset options for chicken, meat, cake, fries, fish, and shrimp. These are all set for a certain temperature as well as time so it’s super easy to set it and then walk away knowing your food will come out delicious every time.
time. You can still change those to fit your need at the time.



To the right are up and down settings for the temperature, which goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. To the left are timer controls where you can set how long you want to cook your food.


Power Air Fryer XL 3


These steaks came out perfectly cooked and the bacon around the edges crisp.


Power Air Fryer XL 2


Just look at these hot dogs, they look like they were grilled outside. The boys loved these, and so did Dad!


Power Air Fryer XL 10


Now this was the true test of the fryer, would it cook our favorite steak fries and make them crispy as if we cooked them with added oil or in the oven? As you can see by the picture, the Power AirFryer XL passed the test and delivered super crispy fries. Yeah, we are sold, we love the Power AirFryer XL. It works great, it’s easy to use and clean and food cooks up quickly.


You can purchase the Power AirFryer XL now on the website for three easy payment of $39.99 – FSM Media readers get a special 10% off when you enter Promo Code: PAF10.



Power Air Fryer XL 6