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by Dianna Ranere

New Episodes of PJ Masks Season 5 to Debut on Disney+ on July 6

Tune In to Disney+ on July 6th for new episodes of “PJ MASKS”!

PJ MASKS is the immensely popular children’s series that launched in 2015 on Disney Junior (U.S.). Since debuting, PJ MASKS has inspired millions of kids all around the world to be a hero, showing that even the littlest kids have the power to be superheroes!

Audiences fell in love with PJ MASKS’ three kid heroes, who don their masks and pajamas at night to become a hero team, to keep rivals and “baddies” from ruining people’s day. Connor becomes Catboy (with cat powers), Amaya becomes Owlette (owl powers) and Greg becomes Gekko (lizard powers). Together, they go into the night to save the day using their unique skills and vehicles. Kids and parents have been motivated by the series’ themes of inclusion and imagination. 

With Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, preschoolers learn the power of compassion, develop autotomy, and discover their own special powers through teamwork.

New Episodes

The Camping Trip / Pondweed Party

Greg fells scared on an overnight camping trip. He thinks his nighttime powers will help him but Orticia has something worrying in store. 

Orticia gets invited to Octobella’s cave to help grow powerful pondweed.

A Percival Problem / Luna Girl’s Sleepover

Gekko’s won’t help Octobella when her shrimp rebels. In fact, he makes it worse.

Amaya’s friends Marie & Jennie gets entranced and imperiled by Luna Girl. 

Dragon Dance / An Yu and the Cave Stones

An Yu won’t show Munki-Gu how to do the Dragon Dance. But Night Ninja will…

An Yu needs to find a magic stone in the city.

Midnight Snack Attack / Voyage of the Golden Asteroid

Gekko tried to get Pirate Robot to be a chief instead of a pirate.

Newton is desperate to study a rare asteroid, but Pirate Robot has seen it too and is planning to steal it.

Carla and Cartoka / Carly and Cartoka Part II

Catboy wants to outspeed new villains Carly and Cartoka.

PJ Riders  / Flashcar in the Sky

The PJs are desperate to get their vehicles back from Carly and Cartoka, but are having trouble taming their Animal Riders to help them – and to make matter worse, PJ Robot is kidnapped as the battery for the Flashcar.

The PJs get caught up in a battle between Romeo and the twins, Carly & Cartoka.

Luna’s Mega Moth / Captain Pirate Robot

Luna Girl wants to get back at Motsuki and get to the moon – by badness and deviousness.

To get his ship back from Octobella, Pirate Robot becomes the captain of the PJ Masks. But can he be a good captain?

Crash Track Trick / Gekko’s Speedy Lizard

Catboy wants to try out his wildstripes’ incredible speed.

Gekko wants to stop a speedy Night Ninja – but his lumbering lizards’s just too slow.