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by Dianna Ranere

Bring Some Luck Into Your Life with My Good Luck Charms

This is a sponsored post brought to you by My Good Luck Charms.


I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, I wear a few pieces that are sentimental or that means something to me but for the most part, I keep it minimal. When I do wear jewelry, it has to be very unique, and I like it to make a statement. I also like it to have some purpose, like a stone that has special healing properties, or a good luck charm.

We could all use a little luck. 

My Good Luck Charms is an online shop that believes in the power of luck so much so that they travel the globe in search of the rarest and most powerful Good Luck Charms in existence. They gather these charms and have compiled the most beautiful charms to share with you.

My Good Luck Charms reached out to me to pick a couple of pieces. I was so overwhelmed with choices since I loved everything in the store. I did settle on two items that just called to me. First I chose the Glow In the Dark Moon Necklace. What I love about all of the items on the site is the little insight into each piece.

In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the symbol of the crescent moon in this glowing pendant represented the new age, the birth of children, and the appearance of new leaders. The Glow in the Dark Moon Necklaces, inspired by these beliefs, symbolized creativity, “the birth of the new”, and the birth of life of everything on the planet.  

I just love the look of this necklace, it’s so pretty and so unique. The fact that it glows in the dark makes it even more intriguing! The Glow in The Dark Moon Necklace is currently on sale for $34.90 (Reg. $59.90) and there is site-wide FREE Shipping.

The next piece I picked was the Celtic Knot Necklace With Fox Pendant. It came in a cute little pouch. I will be honest in saying that when I first saw this I thought it was a cat, not a fox but since I love both animals it’s a win/win. I also love Celtic jewelry so much so that my husband’s wedding ring in a Celtic design.

In Greek mythology, fox were the guardians of grape vines and totemic animals of the Greek god of wine Dionysus. In Japanese culture, fox necklaces, such as this Celtic Knot Necklace with Fox Pendant, are thought to bring wisdom and wealth. 

It really reminds me of my kitty Loki, and I love the style of the braided necklace. This one is also on sale for $44.90 (Reg. $69.90). 

My Good Luck Charms has more than jewelry, check out the website for Accessories, Crystals/Stones, Home Decoration and gifts. Use code: FSMCHARMS and get 15% off sitewide.