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by Dianna Ranere

MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service | Get a 30 Day FREE Trial!

Streaming services are a dime a dozen these days, but they are mostly all the same. Sitcoms, movies, and maybe some original programs pepper the listings. There isn’t a service that is dedicated to one type of program until now…


Introducing MagellanTV, a streaming service is dedicated to offering the finest documentaries from around the world.

Television Worth Watching


When I was contacted about MagellanTV, I was super excited to give it a try but more excited for my husband. He absolutely loves documentaries and watches them on a daily basis.  His favorites are science, space, history, nature, pretty much all of it, except for the crime series, that’s all me, I love that stuff!

The site is super easy to navigate, just scroll and click on the topic, and then the program you want to watch. On the main screen, it will give you the length of the show, or how many episodes are included and there are no annoying ads! You choose if you want to watch it on your device, computer or cast it to your television.

The MagellanTV app is available as a mobile Android or iOS app on The App Store and Google Play, and as a TV app on Roku and FireTV. These apps give you the opportunity to subscribe “In-App” through their native billing systems.

MagellanTV currently streams over 3,000 documentaries, so there really is something for everyone. They are also continually adding new programs to the lineup every week. If you aren’t sure if you would like to subscribe just yet, you can browse the site to peruse the content and watch any video for 5 minutes to make your decision.

Better yet, you can watch the documentary CHICKEN PLANET for *FREE!

*Available for one week from today, 3/29/21

About Chicken Planet: The love story between chickens and humans has lasted for over 5000 years. Today, there are over 19 billion chickens on Earth, three times more than human beings and more than any other bird species. How did this humble forest animal conquer all continents to become the planet’s most abundant and diverse feathered species? Meet one of Nature’s most unassuming and strikingly beautiful creations.

Still not sure about the service?


GetMagellanTV FREE for 3o Days! 


 MagellanTV is offering my readers an extended FREE Trial for 30 Days to check it out for yourself!


After checking out the service with your FREE subscription, you can choose to subscribe to MagellanTV and choose between monthly $6.99 per month, quarterly $17.97 USD every 3 months, or an annual plan $59.88 USD every 12 months (best value). Learn more and select your plan here.



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