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by Dianna Ranere

Is Traditional Entertainment on the Way Out?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The digital era and a shift to online has been occurring for the better part of two decades, but the past few years have certainly started to accelerate this shift in many different industries. A permanent change to remote working throughout this past year may continue to change attitudes here too as a further reliance on different online platforms could change interests further – where some believe in may have the opposite impact and lead many to want to get back to traditional options, others are betting on traditional media continuing to be phased out.

The biggest change announced has certainly looked to change one of the more well-established sectors in cinema – the box office has played a vital role for new releases but the rise of streaming and video-on-demand has been difficult to ignore, and the pandemic period has certainly had an impact as the Hollywood studio Warner Bros announced that the major releases for the year would see a simultaneous release both online and offline, showing one of the first big major changes in the industry. Two factors could lead this to become more permanent too – success from the one studio would certainly get others on board and lead to more following the same structure, and the difficulty for brick-and-mortar locations to re-open could also cause the change to happen too.

Image by ?Merry Christmas ? from Pixabay

The closure of brick and mortar is an important factor in the changing landscape for traditional entertainment – another big example has been found within gaming and particularly gambling, a prime example has been seen as brick and mortar betting locations have been closing in huge numbers around the world as a shift to online platforms has been extremely quick over the past year, the same had been true for casinos as many offline locations remain closed and leading to the thriving online space, some of the biggest sites are providing big benefits too as this Parx Casino Promo Code, for example, shows how many are offering big benefits for newer players to encourage them to move away from offline alternatives along with the many other online options that are doing the same.

Other big moves have come in the forms of podcasting and similar forms of digital media signaling a big media change, and the events of the last year could certainly lead to the change being more permanent for many – it raises the question of whether or not traditional media is on the way out, with all signs pointing to yes for now – but as mentioned the opposite could certainly be true, the pandemic could also lead to a somewhat renaissance of traditional media and see many strengthen a position which had been somewhat deteriorating.  Perhaps you’ve been re-watching some old classics in the traditional way, catching up on what characters like Flynn Rider or Cinderella have been doing. Either way, it’s signaling big change in many different industries and may have far-reaching changes to the different sectors that are attached in a more supportive capacity too, and 2021 could certainly be telling of what would be expected moving forward over the next few years.

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