FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Home Cinema vs Traditional Cinema


Films are something that every human can appreciate. This is because many can prove to be magical experiences that elicit emotions some did not even know they had. There is a reason why humans have loved films for generations, stretching back to when they had no sound and were still in black and white. The camera can capture a wide range of human emotions and artificially recreate genuine human experiences that are usually only observable in real life. The fact that s type of media can do this too is probably the main reason why films are so enjoyable. 

The industry has historically been one of the biggest in the world, though, in the present day, film is facing a growing problem. In the past, the biggest threat to the industry was arguably piracy, as this encourage audiences to stay at home and watch new releases, instead of purchasing a ticket, which is what the industry relies on. Today, streaming has become a worldwide phenomenon, as can be seen by the growth of popular platforms like Netflix.

It seems that people are starting to pick up the remote and watch films from home instead of going to their local cinema, something that would have been exacerbated by the recent pandemic. As millions were forced to stay at home to stop the virus from spreading, they would have turned to activities that can be enjoyed from the home seeing as how most cinemas were closed. This could have involved things such as online shopping or gambling though restrictive legislation like the Wisconsin gambling laws would have meant that some would have to look to other activities to pass the time, such as streaming.

There are good reasons why people seem to be picking up streaming by the day. While the cinema does offer an unbeatable experience when it comes to exciting events like midnight releases for the newest films, they do not possess many other benefits over creating a home cinema for the whole family to enjoy. While the initial setup cost can prove to be expensive, people are doing this because they are cinema lovers. This means that over time, the money that would have been spent on tickets, travel expenses, and expensive food and drink at the cinema will ensure that the home cinema pays for itself. In comparison, the only reoccurring fee the home cinema demands is a subscription for the various streaming services that can be used.

One more way in which home cinemas are better than their siblings is when it comes to convenience. Those who go to watch films in the cinema are at the mercy of others as it is a communal experience. Everyone will remember a time where there was a particularly loud, obnoxious person in the cinema that they can do nothing about. That does not happen within a home setup, making it much more preferred. The film can also be easily paused for toilet and snack breaks, another thing that is impossible to do at a normal cinema.

Cinemas will always have the faithful that will continue to go, though the rise of streaming presents a clear threat to the industry which will need to make drastic changes to continue the kind of growth it has seen to date.