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by Dianna Ranere

Fun Products for Your Kitties from CATIT

I have three cats, Cheeto 13, Mia 10, and Loki who will be 5. They all have different personalities, but as far as snacks and toys go, they all love playhouses, catnip toys, and creamy treats!

The lovely people from Catit (cah-tee) offered to send me a few of their products for my three to check out. Catit is a company that offers products for your feline friends, everything from cat food, fountains, litter, and travel items to furniture and cat toys. Everything my cats love and then some.

They sent me the following items:

Catit Creamy – a nutritious and hydrating snack that helps ensures proper kidney function and digestion. It also tastes great and comes in a variety of feline-loving flavors. They also informed me that a new Superfoods version will be available soon.

All I know is that my three could eat this morning, noon, and night! They devoured them and I loved how easy it was to give to them.  

Price: Starting at $9.80.

Catit Groovy Fish Toy – This fish toy has three realistic movement modes and a soft padded cover, and the color is sure to trigger your cat’s hunting instinct. It comes with 2 packets of catnip so your catnip-loving kitties are gonna go insane. Mine did!

They played with this fish for hours and hours which is great because it can last up to 250 rounds per single charge! When you need to, you just plug it into a USB and you will be good to go again in no time. If you are worried about them accessing the battery, it is covered with a thick casing so it is protected from any rough play.

Price: $17.86.

Catit Vesper Castle – A delightful soft hideaway with 2 levels for your feline royal highness to explore, featuring a movable drawbridge (with break-away strings for safety) and comfy padded cushion. The set includes a weighted base for added stability, mesh screens for ventilation during cat naps on warm days, and a convenient storage bag. 

My three had a BLAST in this castle. They play in it all day and when they are done playing, they sleep in it. It was easy to put together and it’s even easier to put away if you need to. Which, yes, you can put it away in the storage bag that is included and take it with you when you travel.

Price: $56.99

Please take a look at the Catit site for even more items like these. You will definitely find something, or many things for your furry friends.


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