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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review |CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 Corded Keyboard

I’m a gamer. I play a lot of games on my PC and, aside from the internal components of my PC, my mouse and keyboard are equally as important to how well my gaming experiences go. That being said, a solid, responsive, accurate keyboard is incredibly important.

The CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0 is a mechanical keyboard featuring their patented red switch technology for faster, easier and responsive keystrokes.


I know, most people are big gamers so their needs are different and they look for other things in a keyboard, like, when you hit the H key, the letter H appears on the screen. That’s fair, but, why should you care about the responsiveness of a keyboard? Can you say Repetitive Stress Injury?



The mechanical switches on the CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0 are incredibly responsive and require very little pressure to activate. That’s important to someone who likes to email friends and family, the less pressure you need when typing, the less stress you place on your hands, wrists, and forearms.


Another difference with the CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0 is the cord, it is not permanently connected to the keyboard, it’s  an older style Mini USB connected, not the Micro USB connectors we are so used to with cell phones. This means you can detach the keyboard and leave the cable connected to the PC if you need to clean or move stuff around. On the down side, it also means if you try to move the keyboard around, you could unplug it. Not a big deal, just plug it back in, but, in could be an inconvenience. However, if your dog chews on the cord all you need to replace is the cord and not the whole keyboard so, big plus on that one, (we have a new puppy and he likes to chew on things).

Key Benefits
  • Proved itself billions of times: Original CHERRY MX modules “made in Germany”
  • World exclusive CHERRY Gold Crosspoint technology
  • Four different keyswitches available: black, red, brown, blue
  • 50 million+ operations for each key
  • N-key rollover: Simultaneous operations of up to 14 keys without any key ghosting effects
  • Win-Key lock: Windows buttons can be disabled
  • The integrated metal plate and anti-slip protection ensure it remains robust
  • Detachable cable
 I will admit it took me a few days to get used to typing on it, my gaming keyboard is a bit bigger so the letters were not where my fingers thought they were. The other difference is a lack of back-lighting on the keys, something I can’t live without and I don’t like a lot of light in the room.
Overall, the CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0 is a good bare-bones keyboard. The keys are incredibly responsive making typing a breeze. The cord is detachable which has more pros than cons. The lack of back-lighting on the keys makes usage in the dark a little tough and there are no USB pass-through slots on the keyboard. Typing was definitely easier on my forearms and I love the mechanical clicking of the keys.

The CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0 is an older keyboard, it dates back to about 2013 and there are newer versions, Cherry MX 6.0 is the newest. They have a lot of great keyboard on their website, if this is not your cup of tea, they have your cup of tea on their website, that’s for sure.