Chat with Me on Beamly – The Social Network for TV #ad

Chat with Me on Beamly - The Social Network for TV #ad 1

I am a TV addict, if you haven’t noticed. I don’t however, watch it all day, I wait until 8 pm when my “shows” come on. It reminds me so much of my Mother who always had her “shows.” I remember her fondly watching a few shows that she would never miss, she would get her cup of coffee, or an ice tea and have her “me time” with her favorite characters. When I got older I would watch with her, and to this day I cherish those memories.

In my house, it’s a different story, I am the only TV addict, no one else has their “shows” so I am pretty much on my own. I do have a couple of shows with my oldest son, but right now they don’t come back until the Fall. So now, when I want to discuss what happened on one of my shows, I don’t have anyone. That’s not fun at all, especially if you really love a show, you want to talk to other fans about it, right?

This is where Beamly comes in to play. I have been on the site for a few months now and I love it! I can’t even imagine not logging in now.

What is Beamly you might be asking yourself?

Beamly is the social network for TV. It’s free on iPhone, iPad, Android and the web!

  • Follow the shows and stars you love, and get personalized stories and social feeds – updated live 24/7
  • Discover what to watch with our super-smart personalized guide – and get handy reminders so you never miss a second
  • Find and follow other fans who share your passions
  • Chat and share in TV Rooms – Beamly’s unique social spaces for TV, hosted by stars, experts and passionate super fans
  • Interact live with your favorite shows via custom play along games, live votes, fun quizzes and more!

So, to break it down, all you do is download the app. or go online, log in, find your favorite shows, follow them, then join the TV room where you can discuss everything about it in real-time with fans just like yourself. The fans want to share heir TV obsessions, thoughts, and theories just like you do.

I usually pull up the app while I am watching TV and chat while watching. When I post I can also auto post right to Twitter so I can reach even more fans. It’s a really great way to meet new people.

My current obsessions are Under The Dome and The Strain, and on Beamly I can chat with like-minded fans of both shows, instead of wishing my family watched with me.

Learn more about Beamly and be sure to download the app from the iTunes Store, the Google Play store for Android, or! Oh, and be sure to follow me and say hello when you join!

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