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by Dianna Ranere

Barbie: Epic Road Trip a Netflix Interactive Special is Streaming Now!i

Join Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts as they take on the open road in Barbie: Epic Road Trip, the franchise’s first interactive movie special! Alongside Skipper and Ken, the epic cross-country experience takes them from California to New York City as they search for forever homes for their adorable furry friends. But, when the chance of a lifetime awaits them in New York, every choice the audience makes puts Barbie down a different road. Literally. 

Using interactive technology, Barbie: Epic Road Trip allows viewers to sit in the driver’s seat, choosing every path taken by Malibu and Brooklyn. Providing audiences with new and exciting choices at every turn, there are so many adventures and possibilities for the duo. The story is theirs to make as each option takes Malibu, Brooklyn, Skipper and Ken one step closer to their dreams! 

Honing in on the importance of friendship and individuality, Barbie: Epic Road Trip takes Malibu and Brooklyn’s dynamic into high gear as the best friends encounter more than 500 adventures. Featuring the musical moments audiences have come to love and an all-new way to interact with Barbie, the movie special promises to take viewers on a ride like never before.