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by Dianna Ranere

9 Tips For Managing Your Time Well As a Business Owner

Image by annca from Pixabay

As a business owner, your time is precious and valuable. It can be difficult to manage your time well so all of your priorities are covered. In fact, running a business can be so time-consuming it becomes overwhelming if you don’t manage your time well. 

Most business owners will always be busy but there are many things you can do to make the most of the time you have. Take a look at these top tips for getting the most out of your working hours.

Set a Schedule

It’s only possible to manage your time well if you set a schedule for yourself. Business owners who turn up to work and improvise often find themselves wasting valuable time. This leads to inefficiency and low production levels. 

Setting a schedule means that you know what your priorities are and when they need to be completed it means setting up time regulations and following it religiously. Some people devote an hour a day to each aspect of the business, whereas others devote a whole day. For instance, Monday is for marketing and Tuesday is for admin and accounts.


There are some tasks you can safely pass on to others so you have more free time to focus on other things. For example, you could hire a social media manager or an admin assistant to take care of emails and scheduling. Depending on the size of your business, you may need to delegate many tasks that can be done by others in your company.

However, you could also consider hiring freelance workers. This means you don’t need to hire someone on contracted hours; you can use a freelancer as and when needed. Your priorities are covered and your business will save money.

Use Technology

Technology is always a business owner’s friend. There are many things you can do online with the help of expert websites and apps that you could never do as quickly on your own. For instance, the best time card calculators are online and can help you manage your employees working hours without fuss.

You can also get help to do your accounts, create a business plan, and even find template interview questions at the click of a few buttons. If you’re not using technology to your advantage, you could be wasting valuable time using old-school methods.

Quality Over Quantity

Many business owners make the mistake of trying to offer as much as they can to make as much money as they can. This never works. At some point, multitasking will sacrifice the quality of the work or product you’re offering.

This usually results in customers jumping ship and finding better quality products with a competitor. Be sure to focus on a small number of products to ensure the highest quality. Quality speaks for itself and will allow you a better opportunity for better time management.

Remember to Rest

It can be hard to find time to rest as a business owner. However, if you’re trying to stay busy while you’re burnt out, it’s only going to result in poor productivity. As a business owner, you need to set an example for everyone else.

Making sure to find time to rest is the best way to recharge your batteries so that you can lead your business to success. Stepping away from the stress of business can help you to change perspective and that change can be useful for solving problems that have been time consuming.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Tidy Space

Keeping a tidy workspace can make all the difference to how you manage your time. If you’re constantly having to search for things you need or you haven’t got the space to work efficiently, it’s going to take up valuable time. You know what they say- tidy space, tidy mind.

Make sure that everything has a place to go and clean up any mess you make throughout the day. If you write down notes on paper, be sure to transfer them to your computer or device for safekeeping and then safely recycle the paper or shred it.

Limit Distractions

Do you find yourself spending significant amounts of time scrolling through social media?  Perhaps you like to waste your time chatting with colleagues. Everyone is entitled to a break from their work but distractions can take up more time than they should.

Make a note of the distractions that keep you from being productive and limit them as far as you can. For instance, delegate social media to someone else if you find yourself getting caught up in scrolling news feeds.

Reward Yourself

Everyone has days where concentration is hard to achieve. You may find it difficult to focus on occasion. You’re human and this is perfectly normal.

It can help to give yourself the incentive to do your work so you’re not procrastinating. Do twenty-five minutes of work and then reward yourself with a five-minute break. It could be a coffee break, social media break, music break, or anything else.

Job Satisfaction

As a business owner, it’s likely you have many skills. Many business owners like to get involved in all aspects of the business because they’re naturally eclectic. If you spend all day, every day doing business accounts, it’s likely you’ll get bored and lose satisfaction in your job.

Using a variety of skills in the workplace is a great way to keep yourself on your toes and gain job satisfaction. At the same time, you’ll be managing your time well by offering insight that can help others. It’s also worth using some of your time to continue to study your industry and new innovative ways of working.

The more you know about your specific industry, the better positioned you’ll be to predict industry changes and drive your company into the future. This will save time and effort trying to keep up with competitors.

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