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by Dianna Ranere

5 Things You Need For The Ultimate Movie Setup At Home

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Image by FrankundFrei from Pixabay

Although you might love going to the theatre and watching new movies, you might not always be able to get there. Whether you are tied up with work commitments, the children have school the next day, or you simply cannot afford a cinema trip once a week, we have something for you. You no longer need to worry about going to the movie theatre as you can bring it to you with these 5 things to transform your home into the ultimate movie setup. 

             Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay 


Affordable entertainment packages

There might not always be a great movie on TV for you to watch. Or, the timing might not be right for you to have time to settle down and enjoy it. 

The ultimate movie setup at home should be available when it’s right for you. Thus, adding an affordable entertainment package that is available through cable and internet is ideal. That way, the entire family can enjoy any movie that they want and whenever they want. You can find directv deals to suit your budget so that you can enjoy at-home entertainment year round. 


A snack cupboard

What is a movie without popcorn? When you go to the cinema, you are likely to treat yourself to some snacks. Thus, you should do the same at home. 

You could have a dedicated ‘movie only’ snack compartment in the kitchen. Here, you can stock popcorn, fun drinks, sweets, and whatever you and the family like to enjoy in the cinema. 

Ensure that you keep the cupboard locked until you watch movies. Otherwise, you might be disappointed and find it is empty when you next want to watch a movie (especially with children around). 


Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Soft furnishings

You will want to be comfy and cozy when watching a movie. In fact, at home you can be even more comfortable than you are in the cinema with soft blankets and pillows. You can sit on the sofa or on the floor with plenty of soft furnishings. You can be comfortable for the entire movie, or movie marathon, and feel warm too in your own home cinema.


Screen projector

Speaking of the ultimate home cinema, you could add a projector to make your movies even bigger and truly feel like you are at the theatre. Projecting your movies will mean that you require a clear and large wall, so that nothing interrupts the display. You can paint a wall white or purchase a green screen to project the movie on to. 



To enhance the cinema feel, you might want to consider adding some extra speakers. This will turn up the volume and bass to create the real cinema experience. 

Surround sound is a great option to make it feel like the sound is all around you, just like it is in the cinema. Make sure it isn’t too loud to annoy the neighbors. Plus, only use them for the movie experience otherwise you will get used to the professional sound and no longer feel like you are creating a movie experience.