5 Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for families. It gives the children something to grow up with, and it gives the parents a reason to get out of the house and exercise with daily (sometimes twice or thrice daily) walks. But no one said getting a puppy isn’t hard work, and it’s not something you can buy on impulse. Instead, you need to make sure your home and your family is ready for a puppy, so here are five things to know before you bring a little furball of energy home with you. 

Puppy-Proof Everything 

Getting a puppy is just like having a baby. They don’t understand their surroundings, and they also don’t have the best spatial awareness. Because of this, you need to make sure the whole house is puppy-proofed. 

This means covering sharp corners of tables and making sure there are no plants or flowers that are poisonous to dogs in your yard or inside. Not only will puppy proofing make your dog safe wherever they go, but it will also give you peace of mind and reduce stress. Rather than worry about what could go wrong, you know you’ve done everything you can to keep them safe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your eyes off them for a second.


Keep Valuables Out of Reach 

Puppies are curious animals, and even if you’ve managed to puppy-proof the house, they will still find something that piques their interest. This could be anything for jewelry to your favorite glasses from https://www.eyeglasses.com/, or even charging cables and the vacuum cleaner attachments. 

You don’t want to come home from work and see your puppy has wreaked havoc on your most expensive items, so keep them well out of sight. You can store them in a bedroom drawer or put them in a cabinet. For even more security, it might be worth installing cameras around the house so you can keep an eye on them while you’re away, at the very least, you could get some entertaining footage of them being silly while you’re out the house. 


Look Into Training

No matter how many dogs you have had in your life, you should still consider professional training. A lot of people who buy puppies for the first time believe they can deal with it themselves, but a professional trainer can do just as much as you can, and even more. 

It may seem like a waste of money, especially if your pup is moderately well behaved at first. However, it will all be worth it once they start to grow up. You don’t want to chase your dog around the neighborhood or field because they don’t respond to your calls, so get them trained as early as possible to make sure you can control them wherever you go. 


Understand Their Dietary Needs

Puppies have a specific diet that you must adhere to so that they grow up healthy and happy. In the early months of owning a puppy, make sure you stick to their diet as much as possible, even if they don’t seem too fond of it. 

With proper puppy food, you won’t need to worry about any potential problems, such as them eating something that is not good for them. As they grow older, you may be able to treat them to table scraps now and again, but before then, you must stick to their recommended diet that provides the correct nutrients to help them grow. 

Find the Perfect Vet

You don’t want your puppy to get sick or injured at any time, but something will certainly happen at some point. You’ll need to find the perfect vet to make sure that any problems are quickly dealt with, so ask around for recommendations from friends. 

Just like picking the right doctor for you, it’s also essential to select a vet that your puppy feels comfortable with. Most pets don’t like going to the vet anyway, but with a vet that makes them feel at ease, any checkups and visits will go much more smoothly. It’s better to find a vet before getting your puppy so you can make sure any shots stay on schedule. 


Call It Puppy Love

There will be a few times with your new puppy where you think you’ve made a huge mistake. They can be energetic, and they can take a long time to train, while any little problems will make you think you’re a terrible puppy-parent. However, the positives well outweigh the negatives. As long as you are prepared for your pup, you can enjoy many years of happiness and fun together.