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by Dianna Ranere

4 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to an Outfit #BendTheRules #Sponsored

4 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to an Outfit #BendTheRules #Sponsored

As you know I was invited to a red carpet premiere in LA, so fashion has been on my mind. That being said, I am very happy to partner with HP and Meghan Trainor to show you four ways I am adding a little sparkle to my outfit. This post is inspired by the HP Pavilion x360 and its awesome versatility!

First things first, the dress. I don’t go to very many fancy outings so finding the dress was the first thing I needed to tackle. In my head, once I had the dress it would be easier to find the accessories to make it sparkle!

4 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to an Outfit #BendTheRules #Sponsored

As you can see, the dress is red, and has a bit of bling in the middle so I thought I would play off of that. I’m not playing by any fashion rules that say you must be all matchy, I just bought what I liked and what I thought looked good.

The HP Pavilion x360 in normal laptop mode is pretty awesome as is, but just wait till you see the other three modes you can use this beauty in. I used it in laptop mode to find shop online for the red carpet dress and to keep up with all of the other attendee’s who will be sharing the carpet with me.

4 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to an Outfit #BendTheRules #Sponsored

So, I bent the rules a bit with these shoes, they are not heels like you would think for a red carpet, they are flats, plain flats at that. I went to a previous red carpet and wore heels and lets just say it was not pretty or fun. I added some bling to the shoes with these cute butterfly brooches I found. What do you think? I felt that adding the sparkle took them from drab to fab!

The HP Pavilion x360 can be folded and stood up just by simply bending it taking it from one mode to a complete;y different mode. The stand mode is pretty great for watching a movie or maybe a red carpet TV review.

4 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to an Outfit #BendTheRules #Sponsored

Next, I already had this gorgeous rhinestone bracelet that I thought went well with the dress and the shoes since it has dark stones.

In tablet mode, I can use the HP Pavilion x360 to read my favorite magazines, and books. I can easily keep up with all my social media channels with simply a touch with the touchscreen, which I adore!

4 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to an Outfit #BendTheRules #Sponsored

Last but not least, a rhinestone drop necklace to complete my look. I love the tear-drop shape and it’s just enough sparkle to add to the neckline without taking away from anything else.

Tent style is very useful when I need to be hands-free, like while checking out a new makeup tutorial. I can easily place the HP Pavilion x360 on the counter and I am good to go.

Are you “All About That Base?” If so, HP has teamed up with Meghan Trainor for their #BendTheRules campaign where they will create a fan generated documentary using the HP x360 Convertible PC. Stay tuned for more information on this campaign in the coming weeks.

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