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by Dianna Ranere

VIDEO: Udderly Smooth On MSNBC’s Your Business #UdderlySmooth


Udderly Smooth

One of my most favorite products, one that I have used for years, is from Udderly Smooth. You know the product, the one with the cute little cow spots on the packaging. I love it so much that I shared it with my sister and now the whole family is hooked! She uses it religiously, as do I, and if one of us runs out, we know to go to the other because we always have a stash.

Working online as I do, I have also had the pleasure of working with Linda, one of the owners of Udderly Smooth. She is by far the most personable, down to earth person I have ever encountered while working with a brand. We have developed a friendship over the years and this is just a testament to her and how she and her company does business.

Udderly Smooth

Udderly Smooth has been manufactured for 35 years by three generations of an Ohio family for your family. It was originally developed by a pharmacist for use on dairy cows (udders) during extreme weather conditions, but it was soon discovered that its rich moisturizing ingredients also helped to heal extremely dry, chapped and cracked human skin. Soon, Udderly Smooth made the transition from barnyard to beauty counters and homes across America!

Udderly SMooth was featured on MSNBC TV’s “Your Business” discussing their success as a small company. I can only assume that it is the personal way they treat all of their customers, as well as business associates. 🙂

Udderly Smooth isn’t all flash and promises, what you see is hard work, dedication, and education. Being a small company, they do all the work themselves, from advertising, to making the products stand out in this social media driven world. The love they have for this family-owned business is something to be revered, and other companies could take a lesson or two from them in how they should treat their customers.

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