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by Dianna Ranere

Target Big G New Cereal #HelloCerealLovers

Disclosure: General Mills sent me this information and these new Big Cereals (or identify all 3) through their Platefull Co-op program.


Introducing three delicious new Big G cereals from General Mills:




Multigrain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch: Dark chocolate flavored O’s and clusters coming together to make wholesome Multi Grain Cheerios even more delicious!


We are huge fans of Cheerios, and of course we all love Chocolate, so this new flavor was a HUGE hit in our home with my kids and my husband. Once they all tried it the consensus was “Please buy some more”

I will be purchasing them in the future, and will also be using them in a few treats, like my chocolate bark recipes, I think they would make a great addition.


Fiber One Protein: The powerful combination of Protein and Fiber in a delicious granola cereal that helps you feel full!


When I could eat cereal (I am gluten-free), I loved granola based cereals. The new Fiber One looks like something I would have loved to have tried, especially the Cranberry Almond flavor.  I also love that it has 10 grams of protein with milk.


Chocolate Toast Crunch: The irresistible squares you love now with the delicious taste of Chocolate!


Now this is the cereal my kids went bonkers for. They love the original flavor, and they love chocolate, so I knew they would love this one. I don’t think I had the box for 5 minutes before they tore it open and poured themselves a bowl. Let me just say, the sounds of yum coming from them while they are it was proof enough that this one is a hit.