Incredibles 2: Samuel L. Jackson Interview

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Samuel L. Jackson plays Lucius Best/Frozone. He originated the role back in 2004 and again in the latest installment of the Incredibles, Incredibles 2.  Knowing that he a huge collector fo action figures, we asked if he had his character Frozone.  He explained that he started collecting his figures when he did Jurassic Park, because they made action figures for everybody but his character, so after that he insisted they create them.

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Since it has been 14 years we wondered how he felt that Incredibles 2 is now here. “I’m relieved now, he said. I mean that was a lot of pressure. People in my feed were always asking when are they going to make The Incredibles 2, when are they going to make The Incredibles 2, like it was my decision. Now I feel a lot better knowing the pressure has been relieved, they’ve made it, people can be happy.”


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Samuel isn’t new to the superhero game, he’s been playing a few different characters for a decade since his first appearance in the Incredibles. When he heard that the movie would be getting a sequel he at first worried that the first movie was too perfect, and he wondered if they could really make it more awesome than the first?


“I think they accomplished it. I mean the movie is kind of awesome!” 

Samuel has done a lot of action movies and acting with other actors, with doing voice-overs, it’s different, he explained that he is usually in a room with just Brad Bird who is imitating the other voices to help him along. “He pretty much tries to imitate everybody’s voice when we’re doing this stuff, so and he is Edna, he’s the best character in the movie!”

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Frozone is a beloved character and he has many fans all over the world so we were curious if Samuel would be interested in a stand-alone Frozone movie and how much did he relate to the character? “Oh, I always like seeing a movie with myself in it. Anything starring me is a good idea, so yeah.” As far as relating to the character, he was told that he represents the superhero well in his powers, to which he replied, “Really? I’d be shooting ice, not fire, I’m not hot like that? Oh, I see, I see. Fire is for the Black Panther guy. Old guys get to be cool, not hot.” To that, we all had a huge laugh. 

Of course in that vain we had to throw out the question “what is your real life superpower?” and without skipping a beat he replied, ” Earning money for my wife and daughter. Also surviving thirty-eight years of marriage yeah, that’s the superpower.” To which we all applauded since it was the perfect answer to give in a room full of women. 

We did learn that Edna Mode was who he would choose to voice if he had the option, “Edna is just the dope-est, she’s just wise, cool, dry, unaffected by the world. The world revolves around her.’

Since he is Frozone and has the ability to freeze things, we asked him if he could freeze any moment in time, what era or time would you freeze? He was quick to answer, “The early seventies, I was in New York when I started this marvelous journey where we were ready to conquer the world and be the best actors on the planet.  My wife and I thought we were going to be Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. It was a vibrant time in New York, there were so many of us there and it was a great time for work, and comradeship and all the people that we met, Morgan, Alfre, Denzel, and Wesley, and everybody was there working. We all worked together, we ate together, we went to auditions together, we went to the same unemployment office when we weren’t working, but vibrant times and learning times.

Which cemented some really great friendships and just the challenge of being on stage with those people and wanting to be better, wanting to be good, and making all those things happen. That kind of makes us who we are on screen, for everybody. Because we had all that discipline, working together and learning how to be an ensemble and not just outshine everybody who’s around you.”

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To that, we wondered what advice would he give to young actors just starting out? “Do as much theater as you can do. Fame is a drug that these young people now have because it seems so accessible. If you do enough, you know, you do enough online or you get enough likes or people get enough eyes on you, you become famous for just no reason, or for reasons that aren’t worth talking about.

But if you’re serious about it- go to New York. Challenge yourself. On stage or off Broadway on Broadway, work with as many different kinds of actors and directors as you can and learn the craft. Upstage downstage, stage right stage left, being dominant, being submissive on stage. 

There’s a wealth of information to be gained from working in front of real people every night because you learn from that. There’s no real way to know you can do it until you hear people say it or you’re in a theater and you feel the energy of the audience when you’re doing something. When you feel the energy of people, then you know okay, this works, that works, that doesn’t work, this works. So that when you get to this place, or on a screen somewhere, you don’t have to question what you do, it feels right, you know, it works.”

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Of course, his language would come into play during this interview, how could it not when he is known for some colorful words? He didn’t disappoint either. We asked him if he always spoke so colorfully?  To which he replied, “That’s pretty much who I am. I have talked like that my whole life, basically. But I stuttered really badly when I was a kid and one of the mechanisms to stop it was to say m****r f****r, I could say what I had to say. So that worked and it just kind of flows over into the rest of my life, in fact, I just got a notice from Twitter about something I said.”

Samuel went on to discuss how much he loves Frozone because he’s got super powers but then went on to explain why he loves Nick Fury’s power of persuasion. He will be appearing in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie in 2019. “He (Nick Fury) is able to talk people into doing all kinds of things and recruiting people. I’m having a great time being Nick Fury, especially in this film, because Brie (Larson) and I are really good friends.

See Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius/Frozone this Friday, June 15th when Incredibles 2 hits theaters.







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