Orivet: Canine DNA Testing Review

I was provided with the product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

If you follow me then you know we got a new puppy named Radar back in the Summer. When we got him the previous owner wasn’t sure what the breed he was, only that she thought he had Austrailian Cattle Dog in him. We could definitely see the Austrailian Cattle Dog, his markings were spot on but we wondered what other breeds he was since we knew he wasn’t pure-bred.

Orivet reached out to me to try their Canine DNA testing service and jumped at the chance since we have been dying to know what Radar is.


To get started I registered on the site and filled out some information about Radar. This is done to provide insights that may help prevent medical problems later. After filling out the form, I waited for the test kits to arrive in the mail. Once they arrived it was time to retrieve Radar’s DNA so I could send it back to be tested. They send a packet with two sterile nylon brushes inside and instructions on how to retrieve the DNA.

In our case I had my husband do it. You have to place the swab inside the cheek of your pet’s mouth and spin it around to collect the DNA. Radar didn’t seem to mind at all and of course, it doesn’t hurt them. Once you have the swab you place it back into the packet and seal it with the barcode sticker they provide. This will help them keep track of it once it is returned. You will need to provide postage to send it back, then just drop in the mail.

It took about 3 weeks for the results to be emailed to us. Here are the results:


We were also given a certificate of authenticity.

All in all I really loved doing this and finding out what breed Radar really was. It’s so interesting to me to read all about the breeds and their traits and any possible health risks that are susceptible to the breeds.

Orivet offers a variety genetic services for both canines and felines.