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by Dianna Ranere

NBC’s ‘The Slap’ Whose Side Will You Take? #NBC #TheSlap

NBC's 'The Slap' Whose Side Will You Take? #NBC #TheSlap 1

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NBC's The Slap
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Have you ever had something happen that was so bad that the aftermath sent ripples throughout your life?  That’s exactly what happens in NBC’s new eight-episode miniseries The Slap premiering at 8 p.m. this Thursday on NBC.

I was able to screen the first two episodes and I have to say, I am hooked. The premise, what happens when an adult slaps a rambunctious child across the face? You would think that the slap is the main focus, but it is merely just a catalyst into the lives of the people surrounding the incident.

The Slap Cast
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The cast is pretty stellar, you have Peter Sarsgaard as Hector, a 40 year old celebrating his birthday while dreaming of an affair with the babysitter, Connie (Makenzie Leigh). Hector’s hurried wife Aisha (Thandie Newton) throws him a 40th birthday where we meet the rest of the family and friends.

Besides the flirtation of Hector and the babysitter, the main focus seems to be on Harry (Zachary Quinto) and Gary (Thomas Sadoski) who hate each other as you will see by their constant snippy interaction. Uma Thurman, Brian Cox, and Melissa George are also in the cast.


Of course, as the party progresses, and as we have all seen in the teaser commercials, there is the slap by Zachary Quinto that just rocks everyone’s world. We see just how each of the characters feel about the incident and then in the second episode we delve deeper into Zachary’s character, Harry, a rich, volatile, and well, you’ll see.

The only thing I found odd about this mini-series is the voice-over. It seemed forced and almost humorous, kind of like a old noir film voice-over. Other than that, I am interested to see how it plays out and how they handle the obvious sticking points such as parenting, class, entitlement and morality.

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Disclosure: I received a free screener copy of The Slap in order to review the show; no additional compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own.