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by Dianna Ranere

Movie Night Meals – 3 Films to Dine With


Despite the thousands of recipes online, endless cookbooks for sale, and even magazines and cooking tutorials on YouTube, it’s still far too easy to find yourself in a mealtime rut. Not knowing what to make for dinner seems to be a problem that has been around for ages, no matter how many options might be available. 

But, if you’re looking for a fun way to jazz up your dinner routine, and get the whole family involved, why not make movie night into an event? 

You can travel around the world when you watch movies, whether you’re headed to Greece or France or Italy in the plotline! But, everyone knows one of the most exciting things about visiting a different country in person is trying the food. So, turn your movie-watching experience into a full-blown visit to wherever the film takes place by introducing meals that go with it. 

Let’s look at a few examples that can inspire you to get started. 


  1. CoCo

The 2017 film “CoCo” was another hit for Pixar, reflecting on the importance of family and tradition. So, it’s no wonder both adults and kids alike love it. If it’s on the lineup of movies to watch at your house, you can really go all out with a variety of Mexican dishes. 

“CoCo”-inspired foods could include quesadillas, tacos, fresh tortilla chips, and homemade salsa. You could even add to the theme of the movie with sugar skull candies or other skull-shaped desserts. 


  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This film might be nearly 20 years old, but it’s a classic that never seems to go out of style! It’s easy to fall in love with the characters, as well as the heartwarming story. 

Pair this movie up with “Greek night” at your house! A fresh calamari dish surely will be a hit, as well as Greek treats like spanikopita, and sweet baklava for dessert!


  1. Frozen 2

Based on the success of the first “Frozen” film, there’s no doubt that the sequel will grace your television screen more than once. While the land of Arendelle is fictional, it’s modeled around the country of Norway. 

Norwegian food focuses a lot on fish. Salmon is a staple in the Norwegian diet, which is also a great fish to introduce the whole family to, thanks to its long list of health benefits. But, if you tend to have picky eaters in the house, there are other options to choose from, including delicious danish pastries everyone will enjoy while watching the movie. You can even make homemade hot chocolate for everyone. It may not exactly be Norwegian, but it still fits the theme of the movie and will always go well with fresh pastries! 


The reality is, you’ll never run out of movies to enjoy while going on a culinary adventure around the world. So, if you need an excuse to get the family together once a week, and you want to expand your palate and skills in the kitchen, make movie night meals a regular event in your house, and see just how creative you can get!