February 25, 2024

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by Dianna Ranere

iPrimio Purple Pet ScoopMonster Foam Handle Scoopers and the Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

I was sent products in order to facilitate this review. This post may contain affiliate links. 


We are a household of pet lovers. We have 2 dogs and 4 cats, all adopted except for two kitties who adopted us when they were abandoned in our back alley. So four kitties mean we have gone through many littler boxes and litter scoops. You know if you have cats, some don’t care for the covered litter boxes, so don’t like the open boxes, some don’t like the height, and so on, no one is ever happy.

iPrimio, a pet-loving Michigan based company, makes quality pet products for pet owners because they too are pet owners and understand what is needed.

They sent me a few of their products to review and of course, as a pet owner, I was excited to see how my fur babies liked them. First, the litter box. We have covered and uncovered, again, ours all have a certain preference. iPrimio sent us the Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box.  This stainless steel design is made so that it will never absorb odors like traditional boxes, the stainless steel will never rust, and it will never stain. All great qualities to have in a litter box. 

I like the rounded and tall sides. The box is 23.5 inches long by 15.5 inches wide by 6 inches deep. I feel like it will keep the litter inside where it needs to be and my one fling prone cat won’t want to share his litter all over the outside of the box. The stainless steel design will also allow for easy cleaning since debris won’t stick to the bottom.

Now for the stars of this post, the scoops. I was sent two, the first one is the Purple Pet iPRIMIO ScoopMonster Foam Handle Sifter Scooper with Easy Grip Soft Foam Handle. We usually purchase the hard plastic scoops, but over time they do end up breaking, in fact, one of ours just broke. One of my biggest complaints with the plastic scoopers is that stuff sticks to it and therefore tracks.

The Purple Pet iPRIMIO ScoopMonster is non-stick plated scooper that is made up of solid cast aluminum with wider front edge design to clean deep corners. It also features an ergonomic twisted foam coated handle that not only makes it easier to grip, it also makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand while scooping.

It also comes with a holder that sticks to the wall. I love everything about the design of this scoop, it feels easy to hold and it picks up a lot more waste than the others we have had. 

 The second scoop, the iPrimio Scoop Monster Litter Scoop with Long Handle and Soft Grip is a lot like the first one, with the same soft foam grip handle and non-stick coating but has a 17 inch long handle. This is heaven for my son who has to scoop the basement boxes.

This scoop will reach deeper and it’s large enough that it scoops a lot of waste at once, plus he isn’t so “close” to the litter, one thing he hates with smaller scoops. This scoop is also made of sturdy aluminum and includes a hanger to store it when not in use. 

My kitties and I love all of the products and they all have passed the kitty tests in my home. They took right to the stainless steel litter box and we are loving both the iPrimio ScoopMonsters. Be sure to check out all of the iPrimio products and enter my giveaway below to win a ScoopMonster and a Stainless Steel Litter Box.


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