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by Dianna Ranere

Avengers: Endgame Hulk Tacos and Fun DIY Slime

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Hulk SMASH your way into these two awesome Hulk-Inspired DIY activities! Create some DIY Slime while crunching into a few Green Tacos!

Download them here:

Avengers: Endgame launching on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K on August 13!

Fans who bring home “Avengers: Endgame” will gain hours of additional screen time with their favorite cast members and filmmakers who have shaped the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Bonus features include a tribute to the great Stan Lee; the tale of Robert Downey Jr.’s casting as Iron Man; the evolution of Captain America; Black Widow’s dramatic story arc; directors Anthony and Joe Russo’s experience at the helm of both “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”; the making of an epic battle scene with the women of the MCU; the creation of Bro Thor; deleted scenes; a gag reel and more.