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by Dianna Ranere


CORDBRICK – $14.97

Head to CordBrick.com and buy 5 (@50% off 14.97 list price) for $37.43 (includes Free Shipping which applies on orders +$30)

Ever drop your phone cord by your nightstand? Need to manage cords better around your desk, or while traveling? Enter CordBrick, a patented device and cord solution created by Naples based serial entrepreneur Nick Barrett, AKA “CordBrick Nick.” Made of silicone and weighted with steel, its unique design allows it to adapt to ANY charging situation and since there’s no adhesive, it can be used multiple times. It comes in several colors, including glow-in-the-dark (limited availability), making it the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a phone.

How does it work? It weighs down and gathers cord ends with a weighted, specially designed BRICK of silicone and can wrap cords for travel, with easy unwrapping too. Its 6 special channels are designed for holding: 4 cords and wrapping/grabbing 2 cords and phones. All 6 channels can fit Apple AirPods, and things like pens, too.


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