FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Earthquake!! Seriously??? Here????

I thought I would blog (now that I have stopped shaking)  like one trillion other people on the East Coast have done or will do after the events of today.

 1:53 pm, est. I was sitting at my desk about to answer an email when my chair started shaking a little, now usually my 70 pound dog likes to sit right behind the chair and has been known to shake when she starts scratching herself, but the shaking quickly became more urgent.  The desk started then my closet door started shaking and everything just seemed to be in motion around me.

My husband ran from the other room and I screamed “what the hell is that?’ – in my head all kinds of thoughts were racing through it, the first thought was that something was awry in the basement and that the house was about to blow up! I managed to yell out “the basement” and hubby ran to check and as he did my youngest son yelled “the washing machine” – I have been known to overload the washer and it sometimes gets out of whack and will thump around, so he thought it was that, LOL, but this was no washing machine!

My instinct was to run outside to see if anyone else had felt the tremors and sure enough, all of the neighbors were coming out of their houses with looks of shock and full of questions. Everyone started yelling across the streets and fences “Did you feel that?” to an astounding “YES, what the hell was that???”

It reportedly only lasted about 20 secs, but you couldn’t tell my heart that, it was about to burst out of my chest, I was scared out of my mind, even an hour later I still had the jitters. Weeeeee! We all just experienced an Earthquake, but really? In Maryland??? Yep, we sure did!

I had experienced a teeny one that was nothing back in the early 90’s, and then the only other time our house shook like that was when a man decided he wanted to kill himself by blowing up his gas furnace and the explosion shook homes from blocks away (He didn’t succeed in killing himself in case you wondered, not even sure how that happens).

So here’s the aftermath of our 5.8 Earthquake………..



That’s it, just my candle sticks and holder hitting the floor……..I am thankful it wasn’t worse, and thankful that I am hearing minimal damage from across the East Coast.

This is definitely a day to remember, the day we experienced an Earthquake….

Oh, and to those of you complaining how everyone is making a big deal out of the Earthquake, well guess what?