See Why Bosch Premium Line of Dishwashers from Best Buy are the World’s #1 Dishwasher Brand #ad

Thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring this conversation. As always, all opinions are my own.

We currently have a dishwasher, it’s a gazillion years old and hasn’t properly washed a dish in years but we do indeed have one. Sense my sarcasm? Yeah, we need a new dishwasher like yesterday.

Our dishwasher is the last appliance that we need to upgrade so we headed to Best Buy to take a look at the Bosch Premium line of dishwashers that they have to offer. Bosch is known as the World’s #1 Dishwasher Brand for a reason. Why? Because they offer the most bang for your buck looks-wise and function-wise.

Since our current dishwasher is so old, it makes super loud noises. I mean, so loud that it sounds like there is construction work being done in my kitchen every time we run it.  Bosch is known to be the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S. with over 18 sound reducing technologies, 18! That sounds great to me, pun intended.  So because it runs so quietly, Bosch has an InfoLight ® that lets you know it’s running.

Buying a new appliance is a huge deal, so making sure that we not only have one of the best on the market, we also want to make sure that the brand is reliable and sturdy. No one wants to have to pay for repairs right away. Bosch has the lowest repair rate according to a leading consumer publication.

Bosch also offers a variety of designs. We have all stainless steel appliance now, so of course, we want to match our current appliances. We also want an upgrade, so we would like more capacity than our current dinosaur. The Bosch premium line offers a 3rd rack that offers 30% more loading area and offers an Adjustable Rackmatic™ rack that provides 9 adjustable positions giving you maximum loading flexibility. That sounds like heaven to me, no more dirty dish Tetris game trying to get everything to fit!

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