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by Dianna Ranere

BOKKSU Japanese Snack Subscription Box

I love a good subscription box! What I love more are unique subscription boxes like Bokksu – a Japanese snack subscription box. Yep, it’s a box full of awesome Japanese snacks!

First here’s a little about BOKKSU:

Founder Danny Taing developed his passion for food and travel while living and working in Japan for many years. After returning to the U.S., he was frustrated with the limited availability of the authentic snacks he had discovered during his time abroad. Yearning for a real taste of Japan, he set out to create Bokksu: a premium subscription service that directly partners with local Japanese snack makers to deliver a cultural and gourmet journey through Japan to your doorstep each month.

Bokksu sent me the September Moon Festival box filled with lots of goodies. I enlisted my oldest son who was excited to try the snacks since he has an affinity for Japanese culture. Full disclosure, I am medically gluten-free so I couldn’t personally try most of the snack so my son’s tried most of them.

Here’s what is inside: 

Black Sesame Taiko Rice Cracker: Kumamon Design

Made with fragrant roasted almonds, black sesame, and mizuame. First, the almonds and sesame are roasted and then mixed by hand with the mizuame overheat. After mixing, it’s hand-pressed into discs and left to cool. 

Our Thoughts: 

This was one of the snacks that I could try since it was gluten-free. By the way, each snack will list the allergen in the description so you are aware before trying. Now on to this snack. I loved it, I remember eating a sesame snack similar to this when I was little so I loved the taste. It was sweet, and a bit nutty-tasting, my son, on the other hand, said it was just “okay.” I think if you are a fan of sesame you will like this snack.

Usagi Chocolate Ball

Mini chocolates with a sugary outer shell and rich cocoa center. This snack was inspired by one of Japan’s most famous folktales: Tsuki no Usagi, “The Rabbit on the Moon”, which is often told to children during Otsukimi while gazing at the full moon. 

Our Thoughts: 

First of all, how cute are they? I love the story behind the rabbit! These tasted like M&M’s to me but with a harder candy coating. Both of my sons loved these as well.

Rich Baked Chocolat

Rich dark chocolate cake with a creamy and intense chocolatey flavor and finishes with a splash of rum finishes that adds an aromatic note.

Our Thoughts: 

My son said that this looks and tastes like a chocolate brownie/cake. Thumbs up!

Chocolate Azuki Beans: Black Sesame Kinako

The first step in creating this addictive treat is simmering azuki in sugar syrup to make amanatto, then coating the beans with white chocolate. Then they add goma (black sesame) and kinako (roasted soybean) powder for flavor.

Our Thoughts: 

I expected these to be harder then they were. They were actually quite soft and creamy in texture. The flavor reminded me of a malted ball. We both liked this one a lot.

OFU Smoked Crackers and Peanuts: Fukairi Shichimi Seven-Flavor

Using ofu (Japanese wheat-gluten) and seasoning from Kyoto, this perfectly baked assortment of smoked crackers and peanuts. Thanks to the balance of peanuts, the seven-spice shichimi flavoring is heavy but not overpowering.

Our Thoughts: 

My son thought these were quite spicy, so he wasn’t a fan of the flavor, he did agree with the description that the peanuts definitely helped balance out the super spiciness.

Black Sesame Genmai Rice Cracker: Honey Soy Sauce Flavor

Rice cracker is made with goma (black sesame) and genmai (brown rice) baked into it with a coating of honey soy sauce that gives it a sweet spin.

Our Thoughts: 

My son was not a fan of this one at all. The flavor too strong for him. So this was a no go, but if you like all the ingredients, you should probably give it a try.

Kuromame Black Bean Tea

Warm and earthy in fragrance caffeine-free kuromame (black bean) tea.  Place the whole bag of the soybeans into your hot water and drink up! Afterward, you’ll have a treat to eat as you can eat the soybeans that cooked in your hot water steeping!

Our Thoughts: 

Neither one of us likes tea that much but we gave it a taste. Still not fans but it was cool that you could eat the soybeans after they steeped in the tea.

Organic Drip Tea Full Moon Tea

Fresh, full green tea leaves clean and simple in flavor. The name “Full Moon” tea comes from how the leaves are harvested within the 7 days before the full moon, where the tea is able to get a rich aroma and umami flavor by this particular harvesting practice. 

Our Thoughts: 

Again, not a fan of tea but we gave it a go. Not bad, but not something I would reach for. If you like tea, especially green tea, this might be for you.

Scone: Barbeque Flavor

 Barbecue flavor on this corn snack, with a grilled corn and barbecue taste (think Cheetos).  

Our Thoughts: 

The first thing that both of my sons said when opening the bag and giving it a sniff what that it smelled like chicken Ramen, and you know what, it really does. Both of them said that is also kind of tastes like that too. They really loved this snack, in fact, they want me to purchase more!

Mitarashi Mochi

This chewy mochi is inspired by a traditional Japanese specialty: Mitarashi Dango! Originally from Kyoto, Mitarashi Dango is made with mochi that is grilled on a skewer and has a sweet soy sauce glaze. 

Our Thoughts: 

My son was scared of this one, just from the look of it and the texture but he was surprised when he ate at how much he really liked it! Just goes to show you that you just never know until you try it.

Nure-Agesen: Katsuo + Ume Plum Flavor

Japanese rice crackers, with traditional flavors of ume(dried plum) and katsuo (skipjack tuna). 

Our Thoughts: 

These were a big no from both boys. Definitely not something their palates could enjoy.

Gudetama Golden Pack: Tamago Kake Gohan Flavor

Sassy and lazy, Gudetama is a Sanrio character beloved in Japan and across the world! This snack is fluffy, puffy, and flavored like the Japanese comfort food tamago kake gohan, which features hot rice, soy sauce, and a raw egg stirred into it. This puff stick has all the savory kick we’d expect with subtle notes of seaweed, sesame, and sugar from the furikake.

Our Thoughts: 

My son recognized Gudetama right away so he was excited to try this snack. He loved it, said it was like eating a big cheese puff and the flavor was not at all what he expected but that it was delicious.

Hakata Mitsuki: Delicious Cheese Financier Cake

This adorable crescent-shaped financier cake is named for the beautiful moon over Hakata, a neighborhood in Fukuoka. It has a delicate texture with a golden, buttery outside. The maker takes the traditional almond-based batter of a financier cake and adds a subtle savory note with the addition of cheese.

Our Thoughts: 

This little cake went over well, he said that it was delicious and reminded him of a buttery pound cake.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Black Syrup Kinako

 Kuromitsu Kinako Mochi Puffs are made with 100% Japanese mochigome rice that are pounded and transformed using a unique patented process into lighter-than-air confections. Afterwards, they are covered in brown sugar syrup, cocoa powder, and kinako powder for a sweet and nutty flavor!

Our Thoughts: 

These were definitely my favorite and my son loved them too. You don’t expect them to literally melt once you put them in your mouth, but they do, sort of like cotton candy. So good! I just loved the flavor too. Definitely, one that I would like to purchase again.

Okashinai Cheese Manju

Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat. Instead of the traditional red bean filling, this fluffy manju from Akita Prefecture is stuffed with white bean and cheese, which results in a smooth and light flavor that is perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea. 

Our Thoughts: 

How cute is this little guy? He just makes me happy looking at him. This little confection was another hit with my son. It was sweet and savory and definitely one he would like to try again.

Usuyaki Shokunin Chibisuke: Consomme Black Pepper Flavor

Inspired by the flavorful clear soup consomme that is made from bouillon, this snack is powerfully peppery. 

Our Thoughts: 

These little crackers definitely pack a peppery punch in scent and flavor. Not really a favorite of my son, but if you like pepper, you are sure to love these.

 As you can see, we really loved almost all of the snacks, there were only a few that we couldn’t get with but it was so fun getting to try them all and getting to learn about each snack. Check out Bokksu and all of the subscription boxes they offer. You can also order the snacks from my box individually, just click on the links above.

The October Bokksu box is: HAUNTED HARVEST




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