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by Dianna Ranere

We Baby Bears: The Magical Box – Coming To DVD October 25th

Get ready for adorable baby bear hugs because Warner Bros. Entertainment just announced that We Baby Bears: The Magical Box is headed to DVD October 25, 2022.

In this original Cartoon Network animated series, We Baby Bears follows lovable siblings Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear on whimsical adventures in their magical box in search of a place they can call home. Along the way, they meet new friends, learn a few lessons and discover that “home” can mean wherever they are, as long as they’re together.  The series stars Connor Andrade (AmphibiaBlaze and the Monster Machines) as Grizz, Amari McCoy (Puppy Dog PalsT.O.T.S.) as Panda, and Max Mitchell (Lego City Adventures, T.O.T.S.) as Ice Bear.

We Baby Bears: The Magical Box is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers and is streaming on HBO Max.

Episodes Include:

  • The Magical Box
  • Bears and the Beanstalk
  • Boo-Dunnit
  • The Little Mer-Bear
  • Modernish Stone Age Family 
  • Excalibear
  • Meat House
  • Pirate Parrot Polly
  • Baby Bear Genius 
  • Bug City Sleuths 
  • Hashtag #1 Fan 
  • Snow Place Like Home 
  • Fiesta Day
  • Baba Yaga House 
  • Bears in the Dark 
  • Big Trouble Little Babies 
  • Triple T Tigers 
  • Panda’s Family 
  • A Tale of Two Ice Bears
  • Unica