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by Dianna Ranere

Win a Make Your Own Gummies Kit #GleeGum

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Glee Gum to facilitate this review and giveaway. No other form of financial compensation was given and the opinions stated are my own.

Thanks to Glee Gum, you can now make your very own gummies! In the past my kids and I have had the pleasure of making our own chocolate, and our own gum, so getting the chance to try out the gummies kit was a must. My kids both love gummies, and so do I for that matter.


The kit comes with everything you see above:  sour mix, colored and flavored Fair Trade sugar, powdered seaweed, dried seaweed, molding starch, instructions, and the story of carrageenan.

Before you start making your gummies, I would suggest purchases candy molds since the kit doesn’t come with molds. This isn’t a problem, since you can pretty much make your own molds, or use straws to make your gummies. I only had Halloween molds, but we love Halloween in this house, so we were okay with using them, and we used a straw.

1) First, find some household objects you’d like to use as mold-makers. The best ones are small and shallow, with minimal detail, such as refrigerator magnet numbers and letters, or the back of a teaspoon. You can also use plastic animal or people figures, fingers, or even your whole hand print to make shapes. (hint: flexible straws make great-looking worms.) Wash and dry all of the figures before you start!


2) Now, pour the molding starch onto a dinner plate and lightly smooth out the surface with the back of a spoon. Push your shapes or fingers firmly into the molding starch, and lift them out carefully so that the impressions are clean and the details are clear.

3) Empty the powdered seaweed (it’s agar and carrageenan) into pot and add 1/2 cup water and stir thoroughly so that there are no lumps.

4) Rinse the seaweed well under running water so that you remove the salty taste and add it to the water.


5) Heat the mixture on medium heat until it foams. *You can also follow the direction for using the microwave for this part.

6) Lift the seaweed out with a fork and shake it a little so that the carrageenan clinging to it stays in the bowl. Notice that clear gel around the seaweed- that’s carrageenan! (You can dispose of the seaweed at this point- it’s done its work.)


7) Stir the flavored, colored sugar packet into the hot mixture. Stir it and put it back onto the stove for 1 minute or until it foams up again (you may need to stir it if it only foams up on one side of the bowl)


8) Pour the mixture into the impressions you made and let the candies cool in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.

9) Remove the gummies from the molding starch. Run the gummies quickly under water and dry them.

10) Cut open the bag containing the sour mix, and put your gummy candies in the bag. Shake so that the gummies get coated lightly. By the way, if the sour mix is too sour for you, you can dilute it by simply adding some sugar.


As you can see, our molds didn’t turn out so great, but this didn’t matter one bit because the boys devoured them shortly after this picture was taken. 🙂

You are definietly going to have a blast making these gummies! Your children will also get to learn about the ingredients used to make the delicious gummies they love to eat. Check out the lesson plan that Glee Gum provides on their site, it’s great! 

Order Now for only $13.95! (ages 8 and up)! Glee Gum store locator.

Along with the Make Your Own Gummies kit,  you can purchase the  Make Your Own Gum Kit, and a Make Your Own Chocolate kit on the Glee Gum website. You can also follow Glee Gum on Twitter and Pinterest and “like” Glee Gum on Facebook.


Win a Make Your Own Gummies Kit

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