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by Dianna Ranere

Tips for Taking Your Child to Their First Theater Show

A child’s first trip to the theater can be extremely exciting, both for parents who want to share something special with their kids, and kids who are sure to be thrilled by the big musical numbers, bright costumes, and fantastical stories that they will see unfold right in front of them.

Of course, a trip to Broadway with your child can also be nerve-wracking. You might be worried about them making a noise during the performance or falling asleep or that they will not enjoy the show.

That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to help you make taking your child to their first Broadway show as stress-free as possible.

Choose a fun show

Sure you might want your kids to grow up with an appreciation of Shakespeare of Beckett, but if it’s their first time at the theater, it’s a really good idea to ease them in and that means choosing a fun show.

Something like The Lion King which they will already be familiar with or Shen Yun which has a lot of color and movement to keep your kids entertained is probably the best for a first-timer, although if they happen to show a preference for something a little more grow up, then why not?

Arrive early

It’s a really good idea to arrive at the theater a little earlier than you might when attending without the kids. This will ensure that the place is not too crowded, so you can easily find to your seats and get comfortable without having to wade through a bunch of people, which could potentially make your child nervous.

Consider a matinee

If you are worried the kids might be fussy, have a tantrum, or make a noise, then matinees are often a better option because your child is less likely to be overtired, and many matinees are very child-friendly so you won’t be the only one there with kids to manage. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should let them misbehave, they should keep quiet and not climb all over the chairs or anything, but it can be less embarrassing if that does happen during the day.

Tell them what to expect

Of course, if you tell your child what to expect when they get to the theater, how you will go in, find your setas, what happens when the curtain comes up, and most importantly of all, how to mind tier manners in the theater, they are less likely to misbehave. Make going to the theater a fun game where they get to dress up nice and act like a grown-up and you can bet that not only will they love it, but you won’t have to scold them once!

Let them buy a program

You might not buy programs when you go to the theater, but you should get one for your kids so they will know what is happening, and so they have a fun memento to show their friends when they get back to school.

Have an amazing time!