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by Dianna Ranere

NEW Award-Winning Blends & Seasonings from The Spice Lab


The wonderful people at The Spice Lab sent me an awesome package containing some of their new and delicious seasoning blends.

First is the Mediterranean Gift Set that includes Mediterranean Citrus Herb, French Onion and Garlic, Spicy Italian Sun-Dried Tomato & Sicilian Blend.

Mediterranean Citrus Herb

Lemon and orange peel gives this blend its fresh citrus flavor.

I love how you can see all the spices in all of the products. This one would be awesome to try on seafood, especially salmon. They suggest mixing it with your favorite olive oil to make a great dip for bread, which sounds amazing.  If you are a fan of citrus I am sure you would love this on all kinds of things from veggies to meats.


French Onion and Garlic

Classic combo of pungent onion and garlic with colorful green flakes of chives

 This one has to be my favorite flavor profile. Garlic and onion just go with so many things. I’ve been sprinkling this on everything, especially my sauteed veggies. You could also mix it with sour cream to make a delicious dip which I am planning on doing and it’s much healthier than those box dips.


Spicy Italian Sun-Dried Tomato

 Bursting with zesty Italian spices, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, peppers, green onion, sesame seeds and lemon peel.

 This one smells amazing right from the get-go! I haven’t tried this one yet but am intrigued by The Spice Lab suggesting this in a dipping oil for Italian bread or mixed with balsamic vinegar to make a vinaigrette. Again, this can be used on so many things from pasta to meats.


Sicilian Blend

A classic Italian blend of premium basil, oregano, rosemary, sea salt and other flavorful spices.

I would use this blend in my meatballs or in my homemade lasagna. Just look at all those spices.

They also sent along the BBQ Gift Set that includes Bad to the Bone, Sweet Rib Rub, Smokey Pecan Rib Rub & Ancho Chili & Coffee, just perfect grilling season!


Bad to the Bone

A perfect seasoning for beef, chicken, and pork.

This one is a bit sweet with a hint of lemon. I think it would taste great on chicken as pre-marinade. Just add to come olive oil and coat your choice of meat and refrigerate overnight.


Sweet Rib Rub

A perfect seasoning for beef, pork or chicken.

I really liked the taste of this blend. It is sweet and a bit smoky but not overwhelming. I can’t wait to try it on pork.


Smokey Pecan Rib Rub

 A perfect seasoning for beef, pork or chicken.

Here’s another one that will work on all meats. I liked the flavor profile but not as much as the others.


Ancho Chili & Coffee

 Sweet and smoky mix of dried peppers, coffee & other spices.

This one was shocking to me because when I hear ancho chili it’s not something I would migrate too willingly. I put that aside and tried it anyway because coffee was intriguing to me and I am so glad I did, it is amazing and is my favorite out of this set. This one is meant for a big fat juicy steak! Yum!

I am super happy with all of the spice blends that they sent and will be testing them out for months to come. I’m excited to experiment with all the different flavors. Head to The Spice Lab and check out all of the products they have to offer, they have everything from spices and salts to flavored sugars. It’s definitely worth checking out!



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About The Spice Lab: 

Technology entrepreneur Brett Cramer wanted to share his new-found fascination with gourmet sea salts with his family and friends. Enjoying woodworking as well as being an avid gourmet cook, he handcrafted a wooden base out of scrap lumber to hold test tubes filled with exotic sea salts from around the world. His wife Jennifer, an interior designer, wanted to start a company and thought that Brett’s creation would be an ideal way to enter the gourmet gift business.
Throughout 2010, the company’s online business grew as the company added an array of smoked sea salts and salt collections and became a direct importer. Jennifer’s design background influenced the products and packaging that garnered early market acceptance and ignited sales. Selling his dot-com business in January 2011, Brett joined Jennifer along with a growing staff to devote their energies full time to building The Spice Lab and its retail distribution.