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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Nuvia Healthy Coffee

Nuvia Coffee
I am a coffee addict, so I was happy to get a chance to review Nuvia Healthy Coffee. I love trying all types of coffee and so far, I haven’t found one that I didn’t enjoy.
Nuvia  is Sumatran Arabica coffee infused with a trifecta of legendary ingredients:  Ganoderma (an immune enhancer), African Mango (a natural appetite suppressant) and Pomegranate (a super antioxidant).  The Sumatran coffee beans are roasted to perfection yielding a superior flavor that is rustic, yet rich and full bodied.
Normally, I don’t like instant coffee, but since I was cutting back anyway, having the little packets turned out to be perfect. I could make a cup and not have to worry about making a full pot.
The coffee itself was really good, smooth and almost a little fruity, but not a sickly sweet fruity, but you could taste the pomegranate and mango see extracts.  It was very rich and flavorful and overall, I really enjoy it.
Each box comes with 30 packets, so it lasts a long time, depending on how much coffee you drink plus it’s healthy. With antioxidants, immune support and a natural appetite suppressant, how could you go wrong? Yummy, healthy coffee is a win, win.
If you would like to learn more about Nuvia Healthy Coffee, and purchase some, check out their website. You can get a sample box for just $4.99 to try it for yourself.
You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for all of the latest news.
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