Nutrisystem Week 18 Update ~ #NSNation

Week 18 on  Nutrisystem and no cat pee! LOL, see last weeks post to understand my elation 🙂

So because of the “CATastrophe” of last week, I had to but a new scale. I opted for the regular dial kind, and even thought to get the kind with the big numbers, thinking this would be sufficient enough to see. In my haze of my cat killing my digital scale, I didn’t think this purchase through, I just wanted a new scale.

The scale arrived and of course I had to jump right on to try it out and you know what? Those “big” numbers have lots of little lines next to them that are almost impossible to see! So out with the glasses to try to decipher what in the heck I was looking at.  Too funny, here I am struggling to lose weight and can’t even “see” if I have in fact lost any weight. LOL!

So no more digital readings of point 2 pounds, you will just have to read in whole numbers what I have lost. Thanks to the dietitian and changing up my menu’s and add-in’s, this was a good week……….

The results………..

I lost 2 more pounds! I am now down 17.8 pounds from the beginning. Yay! Looks like I have jump-started the weight-loss after some pretty stagnant weeks! I couldn’t be happier, and maybe just maybe, this new scale loves me 😉

Please visit some of the fabulous people I have the pleasure of sharing this experience with and cheer them on too!

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