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by Dianna Ranere

Jenga Giant Genuine – Can Stack Over 4 Feet High! #Jenga #JengaGiant

Jenga Giant Genuine - Can Stack Over 4 Feet High! #Jenga #JengaGiant 5


Have you ever looked at your Jenga game and wished that is was giant? How cool would that be to have a giant Jenga game to play with? Blocks so big you could make a huge structure! Well now you can have your giant Jenga and play it too!


Jenga Giant Genuine - Can Stack Over 4 Feet High! #Jenga #JengaGiant 2

I was sent Jenga Giant Genuine and as soon as it hit our porch my son and his friend started what would turn out to be an epic game of Jenga Giant! They were excited to start playing after seeing the size of the blocks. These aren’t your ordinary Jenga blocks. There are 54 precision cut, high quality, polished genuine hardwood 6″ x 2″ x 1.2″ blocks!

Jenga Giant Genuine - Can Stack Over 4 Feet High! #Jenga #JengaGiant 3

When it was time to start the game they stacked the blocks like normal, only this time the blocks start at nearly 22″ high, and as we soon saw for ourselves, they can stack to over 4 feet high in play! They built it so high that every time they went to remove a block the whole room held their breath until it was over.

We just knew that when that giant tower crashed it was going to be a loud KABOOM! I think that was part of the fun, just waiting to see this giant edition fall!

This game went on for quite some time, the structure they made was crazy and we marveled at how it could still possibly be standing. Each time they took a block away the ENTIRE thing would sway and we all held our breath! I would suggest playing on a table or floor without a rug that slides underneath it 😉

Jenga Giant Genuine - Can Stack Over 4 Feet High! #Jenga #JengaGiant 4

In the end, they created 32 levels before it finally crashed to the ground, that is only 4 levels less than the 36 levels that Jenga experts reportedly created. Oh, and the sound it made when it crashed to the floor – Wow! – and that was with a rug under it. That really caught everyone off guard and had us all cracking up laughing at our reactions.

Jenga Giant Genuine retails for $119.95. The game includes 54 hardwood blocks, a sturdy box  for easy storage and transport so you can take it with you on the go! Your friends would love it if you showed up with Jenga Giant at their next get together!

You can purchase Giant Jenga Genuine online for $119.95. Be sure to check out all of the versions of Jenga that are available.

Giant Jenga in action