As you all may know, we have a brand new puppy. We’ve fed our previous beloved dog a menu of ground beef, fruit and veggies with great success. This way of eating helped keep her weight down and seemed to help with her illness. Our new puppy is on this same diet so we were happy to try FreshPet.



Freshpet is real, all natural pet food made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. The meals are crafted using real meat and veggies you can see and no preservatives. You may have seen them in the pet food aisle, they are in the little refrigerator.

We found FreshPet at our local Walmart and picked up the new New Vital® Fresh Cuts™ Chicken Recipe for Dogs. Fresh Cuts is made with tender shreds of chicken, broiled to perfection and combined with a colorful mix of real sweet potatoes and carrots you can see. When you open the bag you can smell the freshness right off the bat. It really smells like “people food,” specifically, grilled chicken.

The smell was so enticing that as you can see, Radar loved it!


Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Pea Protein, Ground Oats, Natural Flavors, Green Beans, Cranberries, Vinegar, Carrageenan, Cassia, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Spinach. I love that it is real food that you can see the various ingredients just by peering in the bag.

Fresh Cuts provides the optimal mix of protein and nutrition that all dogs need.


We loved Vital® Fresh Cuts™ Chicken Recipe for Dogs and have made a few purchases since. Check out the entire line of products for both dogs and cats, they even help you choose which product is best. Be sure to look for Freshpet products near you



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