FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Facebook Marks Free Sample Momma “Spam”

Recently, Free Sample Momma was marked as being Spam according to Facebook. I am now unable to post a direct link to my legitimate site in any of my posts, unless it is through an application. When I do try to post, it says “ “This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy.”

This also means that people cannot share a link to my page. My page is my job. I work endlessly to bring the latest free samples, coupons and more that are 100% legitimate.

I have also worked hard to build a community on Facebook for the last two years, a community that helps many business and brands who also call Facebook home. Without pages like mine, Facebook giveaways would be hard pressed, we are the ones sending the participants and providing free advertising for Facebook and for companies who have pages.

If you would take a minute and just sign your name on the Facebook Note I made, maybe we can get enough people from Free Sample Momma to let Facebook know that this page legitimate and not spam.

Thank you so much! ~Di~