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by Dianna Ranere

Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Home Movie Experience

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

It’s best to upgrade your home entertainment center to enjoy a good cinema experience. While some big-budget movies are premiering on streaming services, others can lure fanatics into the cinemas. But with the present covid-19 risk, you can’t take chances with the health of your family and loved ones. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to replicate the theatre experience in your home without having to watch a full preview with people who might disrupt the movie. Sounds great? Here is how to upgrade your home movie experience.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels


Turn off the motion smoothing

Motion interpolation creates additional frames between every movie frame to simulate more frames every second for a smoother screen motion. However, this simulation often leads to what is described as the soap opera effect. If you are familiar with TVs and movies, you most likely know the criticism of the motion smoothing feature, included in most new TVs as default settings. For everyone’s sake, If you want to enjoy the movie as you do in the cinemas, turn that feature off.


Calibrate your TV screen

You may not perceive anything wrong when enjoying the thrills of your favorite TV shows, but you are most likely missing so much. A typical example is the dimly exciting scenes you missed in the Game of Thrones. However, to enjoy every bit of the action, recalibrate your screen to enhance your TV’s capacity to handle bright colors, dark lighting and project the correct contrast. Screen calibration means adjusting your TV and media picture settings to watch the movie as intended. This is easy and not as complicated as it sounds.


Get yourself a soundbar

It sounds bizarre to get yourself a 60″ TV without a speaker system or soundbar. Consider this as buying a convertible while living in Seattle. Although it works, you sure need to find yourself a soundbar for a better cinema experience. A speaker system or soundbar will usher you into the world of surround sounds. Moreover, modern soundbars come with built-in technology for additional dialogue and voice for even persons with hearing aid issues. Plus, soundbars have additional in-built speakers for room-filling, high-quality sounds.


Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Adjust your lighting

Your home lighting is an essential feature for upgrading your home for an at-home movie experience. You can have a smart home lighting system installed, which means you can change the tone and mood in the home via your smartphone. You can also swap colors to create another vibe. If that isn’t for you, then consider installing a dimmer. You may likewise install track lighting in your ceiling, although this isn’t the simplest of tasks. Track lighting offers a more theatrical experience.


Backlighting is another option you can take to reduce eye-straining and offer a more pleasurable movie experience. Thankfully, several ways to approach this are either the USB plug-in version or an LED light to wrap behind your TV. You can likewise install one behind your sofas too. So long as it’s your house, you make the rules.