Disney Doorables by Moose Toys

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I remember being a little girl and wanting to collect certain toys, a certain scented doll line comes to mind. These days, the fun of collecting has gotten even more exciting because of blind bags.

Blind bags are just what they sound like, usually little foil bags that have a toy inside.


In the case of the latest in the line of super fun collectibles that come in blind bags is Disney Doorables, super cute tiny little characters that are simply adorable, hence the name. They do come in bags but they also come in super cute little boxes shaped like doors.



Ahh, the cuteness is too much! Just look at those cute sparkly eyes!

This first wave contains 33 blind pack character to collect and let me tell you, once you start opening them and see just how cute they are you will have a hard time not wanting to go get more to open!


The line also includes the Disney Doorables Stack Playsets that let you mix and match and connect to build your own Disney Doorables World. There are 11 Disney Themed Playsets available in Season 1 to collect.

You can now find Disney Doorables on Amazon and at Target. Disney Doorables are intended for ages 5 and up and are from Moose Toys.


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