Delivery Man Review – Opens This Friday, November 22nd #DeliveryManMovie

Disclosure: I viewed a private screening of Delivery Man courtesy of Disney. No compensation was received to facilitate this post.


[color-box]David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) has always led a simple life. A delivery driver for his family’s meat company, he is seemingly content existing in a state of perpetual mediocrity. While David has a good heart, charming everyone he comes in contact with, he is immature, unfocused, in serious debt and in desperate need of some sense of direction in his life. But when he finds out he is the biological father of 533 children and 142 of them are suing to learn his identity, everything changes, and David decides he wants to do the right thing and for once, be held accountable for his actions. [/color-box]

I had the awesome pleasure of attending a private screening of Delivery Man back in July while attending a blog conference in Chicago. I was excited to get the first look at this movie, and had been wanting to see it since it was announced.

First, let me just say that I am a huge fan of Vince Vaughn, every single movie I have seen him in I have loved his performance because it just seems to come so natural for him. PLUS he makes me laugh, so that is a huge part of it.

Delivery Man shows another side of the actor, yes he is super funny and will have you laughing throughout the movie, but in this one, he shows a softer side, that will just make you fall more in love with him.

This was truly one of those movies where you laugh, and you cry, especially as a parent, this one pulls at your heart-strings.


Delivery Man also stars Cobie Smulders who plays his long-suffering girlfriend Emma who just wants him to grow up and take some responsibility, and Chris Pratt as his Brett his best friend who is just as equally hilarious in this movie.

The entire movie is very touching, ans as David learns of his 533 children, you watch his character transform from sort of a lost soul without direction, to a man with a purpose. His life changes, for the better.


If you are looking for a heartwarming story this holiday season, do yourself a favor and go see Delivery Man this weekend, just be prepared and bring some tissues.



DELIVERY MAN releases in theaters on November 22nd!

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