Clever Dog Accessories You Desperately Need In Your Life

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Owning a dog can be a lot of fun. But it is even more enjoyable when you have the tools for the job. In this post, we take a look at some clever dog accessories that make being an owner so much easier. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without them!

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels



Paw Cleaners

As a responsible owner, you know how essential it is to take your dog for long walks in nature. Pooches need to stretch their legs and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, walkies create a problem: muddy paws!

What’s the solution? Well, one answer is to make your pooch stand in the sink and hose them down, but that’s a lot of trouble. 

The other answer is to use a muddy footprint dunking device called a paw plunger. The way these work is simple. You just insert your dog’s paw into a mug-like container, allow the cleaning solution to work its magic, and then pull it out. The result? Perfectly clean paws and no more matted fur!


Hammocks For Cars

Transporting your dog is never easy. You either have to throw them in the trunk or put them inside a cage on the backseat – not ideal.  

But now you can get something called a dog hammock. These simply hook between the front and rear head restraints, providing a U-shaped container for your pooch on the backseat. They have plenty of space for your dog to roam around. And because the hammock has a front, it stops the dog from flying forward through the cabin when you brake. 


Image by Pezibear from Pixabay


Wet weather, dogs, and homes don’t go together. When your dog comes back in from the outdoors, its first instinct is to rid its fur of water by shaking it out. And that often means your interiors get splattered.  The solution? Simple: just give your dog a raincoat!

Doggie raincoats are incredibly cute. Plus they actually help to keep the animal more comfortable. No pooch wants to shiver because it is cold and wet. 


Elevated Dog Bed With Canopy

Dog beds are great indoors. But what if you want to put one on your deck or patio? In that case, you’re limited in your choice. 

The solution is an elevated dog bed with a canopy. The elevation prevents mites and inserts from crawling up from underneath. And the canopy protects against the sun and rain, keeping your pooch comfortable. 


Dog Water Bottles

Standard human water bottles have a screw lid. But doggie water bottles are different. These come with a fold-out lapping tray that you can use on the go. You simply allow the water to decant into the bowl, let your dog drink, and then pour any leftover water back into the bottle. 


Liquid Plaque Remover

Some dogs absolutely hate you using a toothbrush on them. They can’t stand it. But, fortunately, you can get liquid plaque removers that help strengthen teeth and freshen breath, without the usual hassle. It works a bit like regular mouthwash, except you just add it to their regular water.

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