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by Dianna Ranere

Award-Winning Documentary ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Starts Streaming on June 21st

Truth be told, I am a ‘Crazy Cat Lady” and very proud.

That being said, I was very interested in learning about this new documentary. As you may or may not be aware, Los Angeles has a heartbreaking homeless cat crisis in the city—the number is estimated to be a staggering 3 million. The new film, “Crazy Cat Lady”, which is available for streaming starting June 21st, shines a light on how the lifting of the 13 year injunction against helping these feral cats and kittens has been met with inexcusable inaction from the city and how a group of animal rights activists and philanthropists are generously giving their own time, money and efforts to help resolve this ever-growing issue.

Crazy Cat Lady” shows how feral cats who are left to forage for food and raise their kittens in filth on LA’s streets. There is money available to help these animals but inexcusable inaction from the city has led to an exploding problem that we all witness every day.

The film highlights the incredible efforts of animal rights activists and philanthropists such as Ady Gil and FixNation Co-founder and director, Karn Myers. But the film also focuses on everyday heroes such as Jacqueline Navratil, Esmeralda Alvarez, Drew Weidhaas and Donna Simms, who have committed their lives to helping these animals against all odds, one cat at a time.

The film can be preordered on Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes and other streaming services here. 

In addition, the filmmakers have announced that they will generously donate 24% of proceeds from the download of the film to FixNation and other cat charities.

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