5 Gardening Tips You Should Live By
October 19, 2021

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by Dianna Ranere

5 Gardening Tips You Should Live By

5 Gardening Tips You Should Live By

Gardening is said to be a profession, however, don’t you think it’s also a passion? Like the world, today is filled with so many people who are gardeners at heart. Do you know what hurts the most when you are a person who loves gardening and takes it way too seriously? For such people, the world starts to fall apart when the garden that they had grown with so many efforts starts dying or when even after putting in day and night’s effort the garden still just won’t grow. In order to avoid breaking your heart read the tips below.

  1. Maintenance Is an Ongoing Process

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You need to feed this permanently in your brain that maintenance is not just a one or two-day thing instead it’s an ongoing, a continuous and an everyday process. Just like humans, plants have needs too, they also need to be checked upon to ensure they stay happy and provide you with the benefit. Make sure you take care of these plants just like you care of your other things like clothes, shoes, purses or even your pet and your best friends.

  1. Proper Water Scheduling

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Just like you cannot live without water, the same way even plants can’t live without water. Don’t forget they are also a living thing, they also breathe, they also have needs and they also die. So make sure you don’t deprive them of their basic need which is water. For this, you must invest in a system to ensure they receive this water at the right time which is when they are thirsty. For this, you can simply install an automatic irrigation system that comes with a timer and waters the plants for a fixed time after which it automatically stops. On the other hand, you can also hire a gardener to do watering and garden maintenance.

  1. Choose Organic Fertilizers

Trust me when I say that organic and natural fertilizers are better than chemical fertilizers or non-organic ones. Don’t you think that natural is always better than artificial? Want to know why? Because a little extra amount of this synthetic fertilizers can kill or burn the roots of your plants but extra amounts of an organic one just won’t do any harm. So always choose natural fertilizers like compost, cow manure, and earthworm casting and stay relaxed.

  1. Planting Location Is Important

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Just like regular garden clearance is important and you plant it, same way planting should be carefully planned too. The landscape should be preplanned and designed very carefully because different plants have different needs just like us like you love staying indoor but your best friend is always dragging you to the beaches because she loves to stay outdoor. In the same way, there are few plants that are sun lovers and there are few plants that are shade lovers. Thus to avoid any future issues, make sure you plan where to place each plant in your garden keeping their needs in mind.

  1. Step One Should Always Be To Prepare the Soil

Soil is not naturally prepared for planting instead you have to put in some effort and material to prepare it. Make sure you add a lot of compost to make the soil ready for plantation. Don’t forget the longevity of the plants depend on the quality of the soil.


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