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After a long day of working, I look forward to turning on the TV and relaxing with some of my favorite shows. I have a favorite show for almost every day of the week! Some of my favorites I share with my oldest son, he is 15 and this is one of the ways we bond by watching our shows.

One of our new favorites this season is Resurrection, the show about people who come back from the dead. We have so much fun watching this show and coming up with our own theories as to why this is happening, is it religion, aliens, magic, another dimension?? We just love discussing all the possibilities.

Now that I have found Beamly, I can log in to the site and join the Resurrection Room and discuss my theories with fans all over the world, which I did and I had a blast! The people were friendly and I really enjoyed posting my thoughts and commenting. It’s instantaneous fun, you post, people respond, no waiting for messages or notifications.

When you join Beamly for free, you can join your Rooms for your Favorite TV shows where you can interact with other fans of the show. It’s a really fun way to share your TV passions. Besides Resurrection, I have also joined The Following, Parenthood,Criminal Minds, The Blacklist, Bates Motel and I’ve added a few more, because one just isn’t enough!

When you join, and I hope you follow me, you will see just how easy it is to take part, you’ll be adding rooms left and right!

Another favorite of mine and my sons is The Following, why? Two words, Kevin Bacon! He is so good in this role and I enjoy watching him week to week trying to outsmart the evil Joe Carroll. Do you watch? I cannot miss this show, it’s so engaging and creepy, and so darn good!

As you may have guessed by some of my faves, I like the dark shows that always keep me guessing, for instance, Bates Motel and the brand new show Fargo that just premiered on FX this past Tuesday, both shows have a similar feeling… dark, quirky and definitely twisted.

Take a little look at the way Beamly works……..

What TV shows do you watch? Join me today in TV conversations and get the latest juice and gossip about your favorite shows! Be sure to stop in and say “Hi” if you do!

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