Highlights from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Global Press Event #TheLastJediEvent

Disclosure:  I was provided with an all-expense trip to LA by Walt Disney Studios to attend these events. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Imagine, getting invited to the press event of all press events – The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Global Press day in LA. We were lucky to be staying in the hotel where the event was being held so all we had to do was take a short walk across the courtyard to the conference area.

Once we arrived at the event we had to sign-in. We received our wristband and a couple of swag items. Then we waited for the door to open so we could find a seat for the Q&A. I will have FULL coverage next week of the press conference, so please tune in then.

 When it was time to head upstairs for the rest of the press event we were greeted with these wonderful images. I almost cried when I saw that giant Leia poster. She is definitely missed.

First stop meeting BB-9E, the new First Order droid in town. We were able to chat with him and get our picture taken with him, which he seemed to enjoy a lot! He was chattering and beeping away to me if only I knew what he was saying ……


Next, we made our way to the t-shirt printing area where we could pick out a print and watch it being screened. I wanted this for my husband so I had him choose which one he wanted.

As you can see, he chose the Falcon and it came out awesome! The entire screen-printing process was also quite fascinating to watch.

Then we heard that BB-8 had arrived so we headed back to take pictures with him. He is so cute! So cute that I literally “fell” for him 😉 I can say that he was also very sweet when we met and a true gentle-droid.

The Praetorian Guards were next, I loved getting to take some pictures with them but man were they all up in our business and super intimidating. They also like mugging for the camera, I think they posed more than we did. Showboats! But I wouldn’t telll them to their faces.

On site, Ample Hills Creamery was there to offer a taste of their new Star Wars:  The Last Jedi themed ice creams. They had First Order: salted dark chocolate, Resistance: brown sugar and vanilla bean ice cream with an assortment of mix-ins and The Force: sweet cream ice cream, swirled with rich chocolate fudge and set against a galaxy of white and dark chocolate pearls.


Luke, Rey, Kylo and General Leia’s costumes were on display.

Movies Anywhere lets you seamlessly store your favorite movies in one place so you can watch them when and where you want.

Movies Anywhere Lounge was there letting people know that not only is Movies Anywhere great to watch your favorite movies but also a great way to watch ALL of the Star Wars movies. Best of all, it is free to join! 


I spoke with the rep from little Bits about the Droid Inventor Kit where kids can create their own Droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks!

It is amazing! This would also make a great gift for the holidays.


I then got to do something that I never thought I would do, fight Darth Maul – well fight him via the Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges game. This was so much fun and quite the workout. You literally fight Darth Maul like he was right in your living room. I had fun trying to beat him but he did me in in the end. Now that I see how much fun a VR experience is, I can totally get why my 14-year-old son wants one, I want one now! This would also make a great gift for the holidays!


The Star Wars: The Last Jedi consumer products were awesome, so many cool toys, clothes, and even Phillips was there with their line of Star Wars inspired shavers. Take a look at the Disney Store online for even more Star Wars: The Last Jedi products.

Here’s fun note, while we were standing there looking at the products, Laura Dern walked over to check to see if her action figure was there. The action figure wasn’t, but her tiny Lego figure (bottom middle picture on the right) was and she was tickled pink, or should I say “purple” like her hair in the movie, that the Disney rep gave it to her to take home.

I caught her as she was leaving, she was so happy!

Last but not least, I received something I was hoping to get the entire weekend, a PORG. This was in the form of a kitchy Star Wars Episode 8 Last Jedi Sculpted Coffee Mug from Zak Designs.  Be sure to check out the full line of Star Wars products



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