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The holidays are in full swing and as busy as ever and it seems like everyone is going in 5 different directions. One thing is for sure though, even as busy as we all are we still stop and take time to have a family movie night. Thanks to Movies Anywhere we don’t even have to be at home to do so.


Movies Anywhere allows you to take your entire movie collection with you – anywhere! If you are not a member, sign up for free at Movies Anywhere, and link your iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu accounts and it will automatically load any movies you had with those services.

Right now Movies Anywhere works with Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Sony and Fox studios, so as long as your movie is from one of those studios you are good to go!

One of the best features of Movies Anywhere is the way you can set up family accounts. Let me explain. I have my account, which we will call the base account and from that account I can add profiles for all of my family members. When you add them you can pick out the avatar for each family member and even choose the types of films they can watch. The base account will have control over all of the accounts created.

This is awesome for another reason. Every person in your family can access Movies Anywhere from wherever they are and on whatever device they have and watch whatever it is they want to watch. I can be in my kitchen watching one of my favorite holiday films A Nightmare Before Christmas on my fridge and my husband can be in the living room watching his idea of classic holiday movies, Star Wars – ALL of them!


This also means the kids can watch what they want on their devices. OR we can all gather together and watch our favorite holiday film A Christmas Story.  We can also entertain the family when they come over during the holidays. It’s a great way to keep the little ones occupied no matter what room they are in.

Let’s not forget outside of the house. As long as we have a device that will play the movies we can access them while in the car, at the grocery store, on vacation, you name it. That’s the beauty of being able to take it anywhere.

Be sure to check out Movies Anywhere and sign up today. You have nothing to lose but a whole lot of movies to watch – anywhere you go!





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